Best iPhone Repair Company – What the Ratings Say?

iPhone repair is becoming a common issue nowadays and people have to face it at some point or the other during the life of the device, no matter how careful they are in handling it. The chances of a person dropping his iPhone accidentally, smashing it somehow or doing inadvertent damage to it while using it have increased in the last few years.

Since the iPhone is an expensive gadget, parting with it because it got damaged after an accident can be a very devastating thing for any user. However, iPhone repair companies and services are available that can help in restoring your phone to its original glory without costing you much.

Factors to Consider when Selecting iPhone Repair Company

Choice of the service for repairing your beloved iPhone must not be done in haste. When selecting an iPhone repair company one must have to take into account the following factors.

  • Repair Cost: Whether the repair cost demanded by the company is in line with the market standards or not?
  • Components: Will instructional material and replacement components be provided by the service if you are to repair the phone on your own?
  • Trustworthiness: Is the company trustworthy? Does it have a professional website? Whether the iPhone repair process has been explained properly or not?

Why Better Bureau Ratings are Important

In addition to the abovementioned factors, one other factor that you will do well to remember when selecting an iPhone repair company is the ratings given to it by bureaus that rank the best repair services. The companies that are accredited by better bureau ratings are to be trusted than amateurs service providers that offer cheap rates and empty promises.

The ratings given to a repair service by a bureau are based on a number of factors and make it easier for you to decide whether a particular company can be trusted or not with the repair of your iPhone.

Why AmateuriPhone Repair Companies need to be avoided

Amateur iPhone repair companies often boast of providing cheap and quick repair services but unfortunately all of this is a sham. They do not possess the experience or the knowledge to understand the issues with a damaged iPhone and thus cannot repair it as professional service providers can.

Another danger that remains when trusting an amateur service to repair your iPhone is that they can take out the original parts in your phone that are functioning properly and replace them with cheap ones, damaging your phone even further.

Benefits of Repair

Even Sharks need Saving

Repair Sharks is in the business of saving our customer’s valued devices. Whether it is a iPhone, iPad, legacy iPod, Gaming Console or even the occasional vacuum cleaner the Repair Sharks know how to fix it right!

Since 2005 when we first came into existence the Repair Sharks have grown into a solid repair force for computers, iDevices, gaming consoles, and more. We have repaired beats headphones, have even had a few customers show up here with Shark Vacuum cleaners mistakenly. We have done many custom soldering repairs for customers with broken wires, auto parts, radios, even video monitors and DVD players.

Even Sharks Need Saving

iPad 4 and iPad Mini Release

So we are finally seeing the new iPad Mini hit the market. What does everyone think so far? It’s our prediction that the iPad Mini is going to be one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. With kids all over the world drooling over their parents and siblings iPads every parent is going to have to answer the call of today’s technology savvy adolescent.

Kids are growing up with cutting edge technology both in the classroom and at home. Many parents can afford or see the value in purchasing their kid a $500+ iPad 2, 3, or 4. So the solution is simple, purchase an iPad Mini for them. The Mini is smaller and can fit small hands better, it’s easier to carry and it’s also a cheaper product. Parents looking to not break the budget will be eyeing the Mini this year and Apple knows it. They couldn’t revolutionize the iPad so why not make it smaller, more portable and more convenient.

So what about the iPad 4? Where does the newest member of the iPad lineup fit into the lives of new users and existing users. We may see some iPad 1 users start to embrace the newer technology and pass down their iPad 1’s to their kids. Is the iPad 1 obsolete at this point? We don’t think so, it still performs many of the initial functions that drew us to the tablet when it was first released initially. The performance benefit can be the main reason for people to upgrade. The screen is also a plus embracing the newer screen technology found in the 3. What about iPad 2 and 3 owners?  I still think both of these products are great and the need to upgrade to a 4 might not be as necessary if you own either of these two devices. Perhaps when Apple introduces the 5 at some point in the future may we see a larger move over to the newer technology. Apple does need to add some significant hardware upgrades to the next models. We really need to see a hdmi, SD card slot or something to make the product competitive to some of the Android tablets. We have seen the Android tablets start to dominate when it comes to available features that are built in.

In any event, all these devices are bound to break and you will at some point need assistance from a repair center. The Repair Sharks, will be here to help whenever you need assistance. Give us a call or visit our website for more information.


Repair Sharks – I Survived Sandy – Discount iPhone, iPad, iPod Repair Coupon

Dear Customers,

We apologize for our recent outage. Repair Sharks is now up and running once again. We were hit severely by Sandy and have been without electric and internet for over a week. We hope that all of you and your families are doing well. If you should need assistance please contact us via email or telephone. We will help any way we can.

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Repair Sharks

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Repair Sharks announces 6-year anniversary by reaching iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Xbox repair goal

We are proud to announce our 6 year anniversary and the achievement of a long time goal of reaching over 20k repairs at Repair Sharks. It has been a long journey over the last 6 years building and expanding our services.  We have helped so many people with their devices over the last few years it truly is a great feeling.  We want to personally thank each and every customer for helping RS survive during turbulent times in our economy. We are happy to help contribute to small business development and the Long Island, NY community.

We are continuing to expand our offerings and lead the industry in the portable device repair arena. Repair Sharks is looking forward to the newly released iPhone 5 and rumors of the iPad Mini. Android phone repairs continue to grow, new devices are being introduced every day, and as more people become aware of the benefits of our services we are excited to see where the future will take us.

Repair Sharks was founded by expert computer technicians and we have recently been taking on clients’ computer repairs. We specialize in notebook LCD and PC / laptop hardware repairs but we have always been both hardware and software specialists. Our technicians are proficient with many types of software, networking, PC and notebook hardware related issues. On a local level we have recently been working in clients’ houses doing home audio and automation setup.  We are happy to see business expanding to new areas and that our skills can help a wide variety of customers.

It takes many years of experience to properly diagnose the thousands of issues that we see regularly. Our experience has helped us repair some of the most badly damaged devices you can see. Everything from being run over by a truck, thrown out a window, to lakes, ponds, pools, and toilet bowls we have seen and the funny stories we hear just keep growing.

If you would like to see if your device can be repaired give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you. , 516-499-6892 or

Thank you,

Repair Sharks