iPod and iPhone Repair Services by the Sharks

Repair Sharks has been working hard at helping its customers. With our recent expansion into our new office local customers have been getting a first hand look at the Repair Sharks repair process. Local walk-in business has been helping us grow and we are thankful for all the wonderful referrals from our past customers. This year has been exciting and we look to bring new repair services to the table as Apple plans its iPhone 5 release later this year.

As the numbers of iPhone 4 Verizon phones hit the street the need for repairing these has increased. Repair Sharks offers full iPhone 4 Front Glass and LCD replacement for both the Verizon iPhone as well as the AT&T model. We are now stocking a few different colors as well. We have made the swap for many customers from the stock black color to new colors like Red, Green, Orange, and even Clear. Availability of certain colors vary as we are always receiving and selling our new colored front and back glass assemblies.

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