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Best Smartphone Cases for iPhone and Android

Best Smartphone Cases for iPhone and Android Which models are the best smartphone cases on the market currently? Repair Sharks has been repairing phones for 10 years now and over that time we have seen thousands of broken screens, water damaged iphones, scratches, dents, and bends on just about every mainstream phone out there.  So […]

Best Protection for your Smartphones and Tablets

Most people have smartphones because of the luxury, but a growing trend of mixing business and work information on a personal phone is leaving many people exposed. Not only is there a risk of dropping and damaging your phone, which could remove all unsaved data, but there is also the problem of malware and other […]

How to protect your iPhone from being stolen

How to protect your iPhone from being stolen Over the years we have heard dozens of stories about our customers iPhones being stolen. There are a variety of ways a thief will target a potential victim and it can be anything from an obvious snatch and grab to more cunning ways. Here are a few […]

iPhone Water Damage – How to Save Your iPhone

Water damage can strike at any minute. Learn proven techniques for saving your iPhone or iPod Touch after disaster strikes. iPhone’s are sensitive any any water damage that occurs can cause catastrophe. Following these steps may prevent your iPhone from certain death.