Fight for the Fair Repair Bill. Support Fair Use and our Rights as Consumers –

It’s not often we write about outside agencies or voice our political opinions on our blog but we believe one organization is worth talking about in the repair community. is helping repair companies around the country make strides in protecting their rights to fix devices manufactured by big brands. End-users and repair centers alike have been battling for rights to repair their own devices for years. is providing a unified front allowing us to band together and voice our opinions as a community. Whether you are an end-user, repair tech, or repair / refurbishment company their work is becoming even more essential to the longevity of our small businesses and rights as consumers.

The battle continues as new state legislation is on the table to ensure the security of a market that provides jobs to millions of people on a yearly basis. Brands such as Apple and Sony have put roadblocks in their devices to try and prevent or deter self-repair initiatives. In recent months many DIY techs, mom and pop repair companies, and even nationwide chains have felt the pain of these big brands altering their software and hardware in their favor.

It all comes down to one argument. An argument that seems to be clear to most of us however the cloud of corporate power has forced us to be subjected to their rules or the highway. This necessity for complete power over their own customers needs to be controlled.

 If you buy and own your device you have a right to do what you want with it. Whether that be to alter the software or to repair or replace the internal hardware.

The whole idea of repairing over replacing has more benefits than most companies will ever care to recognize. As a repair company ourselves we can say that we have helped retain thousands of customers for Apple, Samsung, Sony, and other top names. We solve a great deal of problems that they can’t be bothered with and help these companies retain good faith with their customers and keep them coming back. We save the planet, reducing landfill each year with the millions of devices that get disposed. Repair saves peoples most valuable assets. It’s not always the device itself that we get upset over when they break down, it’s the information on them. We should never be told we don’t have options to recover and save a device containing valuable information. Quite simply, manufacturers shouldn’t put roadblocks in the way to prevent proper repair from being performed.

It will take all of us to battle these giants and allow for fair use, availability of proper repair information, parts, and the freedom of doing what we want with the equipment we own. Not only does this affect the electronics repair industry but the repair industry as a whole, from Automotive repair to computer repair our rights as consumers are being challenged and we must stand up.

With that in mind I ask that we all support the Fair Repair Bill for each of our states.

For those of us in New York, please visit to help support this great cause.

Thank you to for stepping up and helping every consumer and repair shop defend their our rights.

The Repair Association

How to Fix a Water-Damaged iPhone, Smart Watch or Apple Watch

There are few more frustrating things nowadays then having to deal with a water-damaged iPhone, Apple Watch or Smart Watch. All of these devices have become such an important part of our daily lives that we can’t even think about living without them for even a second and thus the chances of water-damage to them are very high.

An accidental dip into the water either while bathing or worse in the toilet is all it take for your wearable devices to become water-damaged. However, there is no need to worry about as the water-damage to such devices can be fixed, although it is not an easy task and is best left to the professionals.

Using the Wet Device Would be a Cardinal Sin

It is best that the wet device is taken out of the water immediately and put aside to dry as it would be a big mistake to try to use it while it is wet. The device must be turned off and all of its accessories including the SIM, if it is a phone, must be stripped and a towel must be used for rubbing it dry.

However, taking apart the accessories of an iPhone or wearable device is not that simple a task and might involve taking out the screen in order to reach it internal parts. This can do even more damage to the device and might also invalidate your warranty as well so it is best that you do not try it on your own and let the professionals deal with it.

The Power of the Rice

One of the tricks that might be used for the purpose of fixing water-damaged iPhone or wearable devices is to store them in a bowl of rice for a day. Since it is an amazing sucker of water, the rice will hopefully leech away all the water and leave your device dry and functioning as good as it was new.

The chances of failure however are very high and there is every likelihood that the iPhone or the wearable device will not turn on even after being kept for 3 or 4 days in the bowl of rice. Silica gel can also be used in place of rice for drying wet iPhone and other wearable devices.

Thus, it is best that the task of fixing a water-damaged device is done be professionals rather than by amateurs using tricks and home remedies.

Phone in Rice

Why a cheap glass repair on your Samsung Galaxy may cost you more than you thought!

Why a cheap glass repair on your Samsung Galaxy may cost you more than you thought!

Are you the victim of a botched Samsung glass only repair? Do you have unexplained issues with your Galaxy phone after a repair? A lower cost glass only repair could be the cause.

Repair Sharks offers some great services for the Galaxy phones. We have seen our fair share of lower end repairs. We think in order to maintain the phones quality the repair needs to be done correctly. We are capable of offering cheaper glass only repair options but given our experience over the years we would rather you not only leave happy but remain happy with our service. We do not take shortcuts with our repair process however this does come with a price. Quality Samsung Galaxy parts purchased the way they should be are expensive, plain and simple. Quality and price usually go hand in hand but those aren’t the only factors. Having experience makes a huge difference as well. We get calls regularly from customers attempting their own repair with a $6 piece of replacement glass.  This rarely works out properly and the long term issues are always evident with these repairs.

What are the problems with cheap glass repairs on the Samsung Galaxy models?

Well for one most places doing these types of repairs don’t have the real equipment necessary to make this type of repair successful. It can be done but the necessary tools are out of reach for most consumers and repair shops. Equipment costs in excess of 15k are very likely to perform such repairs repeatedly and successfully. A clean room environment for one, an autoclave vacuum machine, hotplates, screen separators, frame assemblers, and the toxic chemicals used to properly complete a repair like this are just a few tools necessary.

Most of the time when a glass only repair is completed on a Samsung the Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive (LOCA) is removed from the phones LCD and glass assembly. Some try to replace it but it doesn’t come out right most of the time. Bubbles, lack of adhesion between the two parts, liquid leaking into other parts of the device are just a few issues. Digitizer problems can occur, LCD issues can occur, and we have even seen screens just fall off the phone. The LOCA is a UV hardened liquid that requires a proper UV oven to harden. We have seen shops using nail salon UV nail hardeners to try and bond a screen. Although this can work it really isn’t the professional solution to repairing a screen.

Other noticeable issues

  • Digitizer problems – Lack of touch in certain areas, random screen clicks, non-working touch panel
  • LCD issues – The LCD is extremely fragile. Many times these screens get scratched, crack, have dead pixels, color bleeding, or get heat damaged during the repair process.
  • Phone Freezing – We have seen many customers who complain their phone will randomly freeze after a glass only repair. This can be attributed to digitizer / touch panel issues or even some other damage that may have occurred during he repair.
  • Screen adherence – Many shops bond the replacement glass back to the LCD using double sided tape around the border. This is a cheap fix and in a few days / weeks this bond can be weakened with hot and cold temperature changes. Since the border is so thin it is difficult to get enough adhesive to bond it correctly.
  • Dirt and Debri – If the LOCA is removed entirely and not replaced as many shops do there is no buffer between the LCD and Digitizer. Instead there is an air gap which can allow dust and debri to enter into the screen area.

Why do shops offer a sub-par repair?

At Repair Sharks we choose full assembly repairs for most cases. This is where we purchase the Glass, Touch Panel / Digitizer, and LCD professionally bonded together as it should be from the factory. This type of part is much more expensive.  Take the S4 for instance. You may find some shops repairing these for $80-100 and others charging $150-200. Why such a difference? The lower priced repair is actually much more profitable for those shops. They can potentially profit $90 on a $100 repair using a $6 piece of glass. The full assembly repairs costing $150-200 have a much lower profit margin with most shops making $40-50 a repair. The right way to fix a $500 phone is the way the manufacturer originally intended. The correct way is to replace the full part and eliminate any after repair issues that may occur.

Why should you choose a quality repair using factory parts?

Once our customers leave our shop with a Samsung Galaxy repair we can usually guarantee they won’t be coming back. Sometimes it’s worth spending a few extra bucks to get something that is a valued part of your day running the way it should be.

If you want someone to fix your expensive device which contains tons of valuable information with a hairdryer and a screwdriver kit from home depot then go to the mall. If you want to ensure the best possible practices are used, the best tools, ESD practices, and equipment then go to a reputable repair center like Repair Sharks!

After seeing many customers come into our shop after a botched glass only repair our goal is to offer only the best service with the same longevity that we would use in our own phones. If our own technicians opt for a factory part then so should you.

Samsung S4 Cracked

If you happened to be a victim of a botched repair job we can most likely help you. Visit our website at and call one of our stores for more information. Drop-off and mail-in services are available and most parts are in stock daily.

Xbox 360 Repair Troubleshooting – Do This Before You Get It Repaired

This article will detail Xbox 360 repair troubleshooting methods that you can implement yourself. This can help you save valuable money and hassles. Keep in mind that this article is not going to be able to cover all known repair issues, and for some issues you do need to opt for a third party Xbox 360 repair service.

If you’re familiar with Xbox repair services in the New York area, then you know how expensive it can be. This article is designed to help save your valuable time and money.

Troubleshooting Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death (Also known as Xbox 360 RROD)

Infamous red ring of death can usually be fixed with a very simple fix that does not require you to do any disassembling of parts. If you assume that your device needs to be sent to an Xbox 360 repair service or has to be sent back to the manufacturer, you would do yourself a favor by troubleshooting and finding out just what the problem is.

The red ring of death happens when three red lights form a ¾ circle at the power button of your device and the device stops working altogether. Be aware that by opening up your console you will void out the warranty. If the warranty on your device has already expired or you’ve already opened it up previously, then you’ve got nothing to lose. Otherwise, you’ll want to really think hard on whether or not you want to open the device.

Causes Of The Ring Of Death

Xbox 360 Repair Tip 1: Whenever your console is not able to get enough power, there are several ways that you can identify the problem and fix it, without having to open up the console.

Xbox 360 Repair Tip 2: One of the causes of the red ring of death is overheating. Your Xbox was created to shut down on its own when it overheats. At times it will do this before any damage can happen to it. If there is no damage, then avoiding this red ring of death is synonymous with avoiding overheating.

Xbox 360 Repair Tip 3: If there has been damage because of overheating, then it could be due to the design issues involved with the Xbox 360. Primarily the CPU and GPU uses up a lot of power, and thereby generate a lot of heat.

This makes it a really heavy burden on the cooling system of the device. Keep in mind, that it does not take much to cause your console to overheat. Just the smallest bit of wrong usage on the part of the Xbox owner will end up overheating the console. But then again, even the most careful users have experienced overheating.

Xbox 360 Repair Method: Fixing The Dreaded Red Ring Of Death/ Error E74

If you’re considering of letting your console can be fixed by an Xbox 360 repair service, please check out our trouble shooting tips first. They don’t involve you having to open your device at all, so you can have peace of mind if you have a warranty on it.

Even if you have a warranty and you’re thinking of shipping it off to the company for repairs, it’s a good idea to check the steps in this article.

Restart your Xbox console. Depending on where you live, there may be electrical brown outs or black outs. This happens in areas where there is hot weather and everyone has their central heat/air units on or their air conditioners running. This can cause a momentary lapse in electrical power. This can trigger the dreaded red ring of death.

  1. Reconnect all of your power cords and cables. You may have a loose cord or cable. Any power cords and cables that you can remove need to be disconnected. Unplug the cable from the wall. Then, reattach all of the cords and cables back into the Xbox. Now power it up and turn it on. Replace any damaged or worn cables.
  2. Connect the hard drive again. Turn off your Xbox console. Next you’ll unplug the power cord. Then, you’ll disconnect the hard drive. After that, you’ll connect the power again and turn the Xbox back on. If your Xbox does not display the three red lights error message, turn it back off and disconnect the power again. Then, connect the hard drive again, plug in the power cord, and turn the Xbox back on.
  3. Bypass all of the electrical obstructions or impediments. If you’re going to be using a surge protector, extension cord, or plug strip then remove these items and plug the power cord right into the wall outlet. Long extension cord can end up reducing your power and surge protectors can often be defective, so be aware of this issue.
  4. Check with another power outlet from a different room or different location. The wall out that you usually use may not have adequate power. You can rule this problem out by taking your Xbox to another room with a different wall outlet. Be sure that it is on a different circuit. This usually means it will have to be in another room, although this can vary depending on your home’s electrical set up. Alternatively, you can take it to a friend’s or relative’s home to try it out there.
  5. Resolve any issues with power brick. Your power brick may be overheating. When this happens, your Xbox does not receive the necessary power it needs. This can bring about the dreaded red ring of death. The power brick will not cool off unless      there’s enough ventilation. It’s a good idea to keep it off any shag carpets, bed covers or bed sheets.

Xbox 360 Repair Services Available

. You can choose to have the manufacturer repair your console, which will probably involve packing the whole thing up, printing labels, and shipping it off. Then, you’ll probably have to wait anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to hear anything back. In the meantime you will not have your Xbox to play with.

Be aware that the steps above help you to troubleshoot the red ring of death, but in case something goes wrong in the process, you may end up spending a way lot of money than you would have, had you called us in at the first place to do the repairs.

We do repairs on red ring of death issues, DVD drive issues, cooling mods, etc. We also provide Reflow and Reball services for the Xbox 360 console, as well as drive repairs on Xbox 360 slim, drive rebuilds and replacements. We are New York’s most popular and customer friendly Xbox 360 repair service. Call us today at XXX-XXXX and allow us to help you with your Xbox 360 repair service requirements.

Repair Sharks offers reball and reflow services for your Xbox 360. Contact us today 1-866-979-4763 for a free quote or visit our website for more information.

iPod Repair—What To Keep In Mind

There are a lot of iPod repair services, but the first question always is “Which one is best?” The word “best” is subjective. It all depends on who you ask. No matter how bad a company is, there will always be someone that will swear by it.

On the other hand, no matter how good a company is, with the best customer service, and best products, there will be at least one person who will tell you he would never do business with that company again.

Common Problems         

A very common problem that happens to a lot of iPod users is that at some point, the iPod gets wet. It can happen from sweat while working out, dropping it into the toilet by accident or a light drop of rain. The exposure to water can be catastrophic. The result is that the iPod could possibly be damaged, sometimes, beyond repair.

If Your iPod Has Been Exposed to Water – iPod Repair Method I

Let’s talk about this and we’ll show you some common steps you can take. Remember that you don’t want to waste too much time waiting, because the water could end up leaking into the inside of your iPod Touch 2, Touch 3, or Touch 4.

These instructions can also be used for your iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Video player, and even the Apple Touch 4.

  1. You need to turn your iPod Touch off immediately, if you still have it on. This is because the potential for permanent damage is high the longer you leave the device on while it is is in contact with water or any wet liquid. The great news is that most      of iPods are relatively thin, when compared with other gadgets. You may be fortunate and be able to avoid any damages, but don’t make assumptions that the water did not leak into the inner parts of your device. Sometimes people call an iPod repair service immediately, and don’t even turn on their device.
  2. If water is spilling on to your iPod Touch, then you’ll want to quickly dry it off, using a piece of cloth. The degree to the damage will depend on how successful you will be in wiping the device completely dry. You can use a paper towel that’s been moistened, with rubbing alcohol to wipe it. The rubbing alcohol will cause the liquids to dry quicker.
  3. Leave your device turned off for at least twenty-four hours. If the liquid exposure was from a minor spill or rain, it will give you some time before there is any intrusion. So, again, you’ll want to be sure to dry your device as best as possible.

If there is any significant water exposure, the device may not turn on after twenty-four hours. If this is the case with your iPod Touch, then you may need to seek additional troubleshooting and iPod repair steps.

This includes looking for replacements under any warranties that you may have bought with the iPod. You have the option of repairing your device yourself, or you can hire the services of a third party provider to begin the process of your iPod repair. The worst case scenario, of course, is that you may need to purchase another iPod Touch.

So there you have it. A few steps to help you prevent any permanent damage to your iPod Touch. Be aware that you do not plug the device into the computer charger or the wall while you have it turned off during the twenty-four hour period. Some people have plugged their device in after it has gotten wet, and this has resulted in catastrophic damages to their poor iPod device.

If Your Ipod Has Been Exposed To Water – Ipod Repair Method II

You may have heard of the Rice or Kitty Litter(Dust Free) Method. Although at first thought it sounds a little odd to use rice or kitty litter, but the basic idea is real simple.

The rice is used as a material for moisture absorbing. The same thing goes for kitty litter(dust free), since most of the rice in today’s supermarkets has some kind of dust that penetrates the devices. So let’s look at this secondary iPod repair method.

3  Steps To Peace Of Mind

Step 1 – Open the back of your device and remove the battery. Depending on what model of iPod you’re dealing with, it may be required for you to use specialized tools in order to be able to take the iPod apart. If you’re trying to fix a model that does not have the removable battery, then you can still try to take it apart, but your chances of success may not be as high since iPods in general are difficult to dissasemble without damaging the components.

Step 2 – Wipe all of the device’s components very carefully with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol is crucial, because it dries the liquid immediately when put on a surface. It helps to dry the surrounding liquids too. After you’re done wiping all of the components off separately, you’ll put them in  plastic back with uncooked rice.

You can also put the uncooked rice or dust free kitty litter in a plastic bowl that is open to the outside air and atmosphere. Because of the hygroscopic composition of the rice, it absorbs any moisture that may be left on your components. So when you’re placing your device into a bag full if dust free kitty litter or rice, it will wick up any remaining moisture from the device. This can help prevent any short circuiting that the liquids may cause when you want to turn it back on.

Step 3 – Leave the device in the bag of dust free kitty litter or rice for about 48 hours. The bag needs to be put in a warm and dry environment. After the 48 hours are gone, you want to check your iPod repair results.

Check carefully to see if there is any water visible. If everything looks good and dry, then begin putting the device components back together into one piece and turn it on. If it turns on and works without any incident for several hours then your iPod repair plan has worked. If not, then it may be time to consider the help of a repair service.

Help! My Device Still Doesn’t Work

So you’ve gone and followed each step carefully and did everything right, but your device still doesn’t work? We service all generations, everything from iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, Apple Touch and more.

Your DIY repair may go horribly wrong at times, and if it does, like it happened to some of our customers who learnt it the hard way, you may have to spend a lot of money to repair your device.

We can handle every single issue with iPod, everything from water damage, audio issues, freezing, cracked glass and more. So check out our iPod repair service today and call us at 1-866-979-IPOD for more information! You can also visit our website here.

Repair Sharks has been in the business of repairing iPods, iPads and iPhones for over 6 years. We offer free diagnostics, return shipping, and warranty on all repairs.