iPad Repair Is Truly A Complicated Process

iPad Repair Is Truly A Complicated Process

No matter which model iPad you own, whether it’s a first generation or the latest Air 2, it’s likely to be a prized possession. It’s for this reason that the thought of something like a cracked screen or water damage sends chills down your spine.

You can take the best care of your tablet, from always keeping it in its case to washing your hands before use, but accidents happen. When you find yourself in need of repair, will you try to fix things yourself or will you let a reputable repairman handle the task?

To Fix or Not to Fix (On Your Own)

There’s no questioning that your iPad was expensive. It’s for this reason that you might consider trying to save a few bucks by repairing it yourself when something goes wrong. With so many how-to guides and videos freely available on the internet, you might think, “what’s the harm?”

The harm is that you might actually cause more damage, and you might find yourself with an iPad that is almost not salvageable. Consider the following common issues and what might go wrong:

Cracked screen: this is an issue that lots of iPad owners encounter. It often occurs when your tablet is dropped, and the severity of the damage can range from a small, almost unnoticeable crack in a corner to a completely shattered screen.

Many people actually continue to use their iPads after sustaining this kind of damage. Small fractures rarely prevent users from using an iPad to its full capability, and most are more likely to be extra careful with their device in an effort to prevent further damage.

It’s actually not until an iPad owner sees a how-to guide online that they get the idea that they can actually fix the screen themselves. These guides oversimplify the process and make it seem as if the act of screen replacement is as simple as just “swapping” screens.

It’s often not until a would-be repairer is deep in the process of “swapping” that they realize that they are in over their heads. Once the screen is lifted off the iPad (if they can get that far), they’ll realize that there are all kinds of loose parts that must be accounted for, and worse, they might find themselves unable to proceed with the repair because the damage goes beyond the screen and into the LCD.

Water damage: it happens. Maybe you find yourself caught in the middle of a sudden storm. Perhaps you were rooting around in your backpack and your iPad made a dive for the largest puddle around. However it happens, water damage is very serious and should be addressed quickly.

If you Google “how to fix a water damaged iPad”, you’ll find all kinds of asinine remedies, such as stuffing it in a bag of rice for a few days to attempting to dry it out with a blow dryer. If you weren’t so mentally in a desperate place, you’d easily recognize that these fixes are a bad idea.

But, because you’re worried about completely frying your iPad and possibly being out hundreds of dollars, you’ll be at the point where you’re willing to try anything.

Don’t Try “Anything” – Try a Repairman

Saving money isn’t a bad thing, but it has its time and place. When it comes to dealing with an expensive iPad, trying to save a couple of bucks should not be high on your list of priorities. Instead, you should be worried about getting your iPad fixed quickly and correctly. The only way to accomplish this is through a reputable repair company.

Cracked screens, damaged LCDs and water damage are not covered by your iPad’s warranty, so it’s natural that you would automatically think the worst when it comes figuring out the cost of out-of-pocket repair. Thankfully for you, a Nassau Country, Long Island iPad repair specialist probably costs a lot less than you think, and he’ll be a lot more effective than a bag of rice.

iPad Repair

Samsung Galaxy Repair: Cheap is NOT Always Inexpensive

You’ve had your new Galaxy for about a week when it decides that it wants to pretend to be an acrobat. Maybe it jumps out of your hands; perhaps it takes a tumble out of your pocket.

Whatever it does, it ends up with a shattered screen, a cracked case or some other wonderful (and expensive looking) injury. Of course, your first instinct is to turn to that warranty booklet that came with the phone, and of course, you’ll see that these types of “accidents” are not covered. What do you do now?

Do You Want a Cheap Fix or an Inexpensive One?

Buying a new phone is definitely out of the question – you just spent a pretty penny on this one. So, it’s time to look into repairs. As you browse the internet, you’ll see that you have two options: attempt the fix on your own or allow a reputable repairman to handle it.

You’ll notice that they are both low-cost options, but what might not be immediately apparent is that one is a cheap choice and the other is an inexpensive one.

Cheap Fixes Mean Cheap Results

Whether you’ve got a Galaxy S5 or S6 or the Note 3 or Note 4, you’ll see that there is no shortage of replacement parts available online. You can buy everything from a new screen to a new capacitor with just a few clicks of your mouse. You’ll also notice that there are plenty of videos that will take you step by sketchy-looking step through the repair process.

The problem with purchasing some of these parts and trying to fix your new phone on your own is that you really don’t have any idea what you’re dealing with – and we mean that in a literal sense.

Do you know the quality and source of the charging port you’re about to buy? Can you point out the motherboard without having to refer back to a guide? If either of those answers is a no, it’s time to admit that a do-it-yourself repair probably isn’t the brightest of ideas.

Professional Repair: Low Cost and Quality Results

Taking your Galaxy to a Nassau County repair shop is going to cost you a little more than an eBay fix, but the results will be incomparable. What can you expect when you let a professional handle the delicate task of repair?

Quality parts – the internet may be littered with cheap and cheaply made replacement parts, but a reputable repair pro is going to use good stuff. This means that there will be no shady replacement screens or chargers falling out of loose docking ports.

Guaranteed results – repairing your Samsung on your own is really a crapshoot. Maybe you’ll get it right; maybe you’ll end up with second-degree burns. When you let a pro tackle a broken LCD or water damage, you can rest assured that they’ll do the job right. As experts, they know exactly how to diagnose an issue, secure the proper replacement parts and put everything back together.

Fast service – the thing about tackling a job that you’re not familiar with is that a task that might take an expert 20 minutes might take you 20 hours. When you take your Samsung in for repair, you won’t have to ship it off or wait for weeks for it to get fixed. Instead, you might find yourself with a newly re-operational phone in just a couple of hours, or worst case, the next day.

You’ve already dropped some serious cash on your favorite new toy. When it breaks, do you really want to try to save a few bucks by fixing it yourself? Instead, enjoy peace of mind and quality results by taking it to an expert.

Samsung Galaxy Repair

Computer Repair – Experts Know Best

Computer Repair Services

Computers have become a part and parcel of our lives so much so that if they breakdown or an issue leaves them incapacitated we become almost paralyzed and find it hard to pass our day. Computer issues can range from commonplace to incredibly rare but fortunately there are computer repair services that can help in getting your PC functioning at its peak performance in no time.

Common Computer Issues – Small Repairs is All That is Needed

Computers of all manufacturers including Apple, Dell, HP or Toshiba encounter commonplace issues associated with their hard drives and motherboards and also require constant upgrades as well to keep performing at their peak efficiency.

The development of bad sectors in the hard drive resulting in the slowing down of the PC or the improper connections of the different parts of the motherboard are among the common computer issues that arise from time to time.

These issues might be resolved either by making small repairs or by replacing the entire component altogether. However, the chances of replacement are not that high and a small repair is usually required to get the computer powered up again.

Rare Computer Issues – Time for Replacement

Aside from the common computer issues, there is a possibility that a computer might also encounter a rare which is usually serious issue. Such issues related to the LCD or monitor, hard drive and motherboard usually require repair by a computer technician or replacement of the component itself.

For instance, damage to the hard drive or motherboard or damage to the ports of the LCD are all among the rare computer issues that can only be resolved by replacing the defective piece of hardware by a new one.

Solving Computer Issues – Why Experts are your Best Option

The thing that must be kept in mind when solving both common and rare computer issues is to diagnose the problem correctly. Unless you haven’t figured out what is wrong, there is little chance that you would be able to fix it properly.

For instance, if you wrongly suspect that the motherboard is responsible for the inability of the computer to boot then you will end up complicating the issue even more by repairing the motherboard when the actual problem lies with the hard drive.

Moreover, if you replace a computer component thinking that it is defective when the reason why it was not working was a simple connection issue then you might have to bear significant losses in repairing the issue.

Thus, repairing a computer issue on your own is almost always a bad idea and it is best that the computer repair is left to the experts. So, if you want computer repair in Nassau County, Long Island then contact a reputed repair service in your area today. Repair Sharks is one of New York’s leading computer repair specialists. We service a wide variety of problems from cracked LCD panels to water damage.



iPad Repair—Don’t Try Fixing It On Your Own

It’s bedtime, and the last thing you have to do before hitting the hay is plug in your iPad so it can charge. Maybe you’ll even set an alarm so you can be up in time for work in the morning. That done, you turn down the covers and say goodnight.

The next morning, you find yourself late for work because the alarm on your iPad never went off. You rush for a shower and breakfast, and on your way out, you grab your iPad, only to find that it won’t turn on – the battery never charged!

While iPads are durable and reliable devices, issues do sometimes arise, such as a charging port that has malfunctioned. These kinds of problems often occur with no notice, leaving you without an iPad when you least expect it.

If you use your tablet for school or work, you’ll feel the pressure of needing a repair more than anybody.

Can You Fix This On Your Own? Probably Not.

Unlike previous generations, we have the ability to jump online and search for cures to all that ail us. Whether you’re suffering from food poisoning, a case of boredom or an iPad that won’t charge, you can usually find a fix (or three) with a simple Google search.

While in the internet is without a doubt a wonderful resource, it can sometimes cause us to overestimate our abilities.

After watching a few YouTube videos, you may feel as if prying/opening up your iPad to swap out the charging dock is as easy as replacing a leaky faucet or installing a new printer. First, have you ever tried replacing a faucet? It’s not nearly as easy as you might think.

Second, an iPad is full of sensitive parts and little pieces. When you open one up, you have to be extremely diligent in what you touch and where you apply pressure to ensure that you don’t cause further damage. Do you think that a how-to guide can really prepare you for that?

Other Common Issues

Another port that you may have trouble with is your headphone jack. Depending on how often you plug in a pair of headphones, this could be an issue that goes a long time before you realize it. And of course, it’s the biggest of inconveniences when you finally need the privacy and can’t take it.

The brain behind your iPad is its motherboard. Unsurprisingly, this is another component that can also fail. Sometimes, issues arise after you’ve dropped your iPad; other times, you might encounter them after accidentally exposing your tablet to water. And of course, there are times when they break with no apparent reason.

When your iPad is out of warranty or you come across a problem that wouldn’t be covered anyway, this is when your imagination tends to run wild. You might think, you’ve already spent several hundred dollars on your iPad, and you don’t want to spend several hundred more to get it fixed.

This is a reasonable response. What isn’t a reasonable response is thinking that you suddenly have the skills and expertise to take apart your tablet and fix it yourself.

The Best Fix for All Models                                                                

No matter whether you’re the owner of a first gen or the latest iPad, there’s really only one thing you should ever consider doing when you’re in for a repair job, and that’s to let an expert handle it.

If, for some reason, you want to kid yourself into thinking that repairs aren’t all that complicated, try Googling a picture of an iPad interior. Take in just how many chips and processors and tiny, tiny parts there are, and then think about how easy it would be to really, really mess things up.

Once you’ve regained your sensibilities, call up a Nassau County iPad repair specialist. Whatever the issue you’re having, they’ve dealt with them before, and they have the skills and parts needed to quickly fix your iPad.

iPad Repair

iPhone Repair is Not That Easy

Spend any reasonable amount of time on YouTube, and you’re sure to come across a how-to video (or ten) for repairing an iPhone. The people who make these videos make it seem very easy to switch out a motherboard or replace a battery.

They also wax prose about how much money you’ll save by completing these tasks on your own. Of course, they never mention what might go wrong and just how much it might cost to fix your iPhone once you’ve messed up.

Making Repairs on Your Own is a Bad Idea

We live in a world where people are encouraged to fix things on their own. Stomach hurt? All you have to do is Google your symptoms to find out what’s wrong. Roof leaking? Watch this 10-minute video, and then you’ll have enough knowledge to play roofer for a few hours.

While there are certainly some things that videos can help you tackle on your own (think fixing leaky faucets, adjusting television settings or making baked chicken), there are other jobs that are better left to professionals.

One such task is that of iPhone repair. Let’s face it: these cell phones are intricate and wondrous pieces of technology. Do you really want to be taking one apart to see what’s going on inside? Would you even know what you were looking at?

An easy way to tell whether or not you should be attempting your own iPhone repair is to ask yourself the question, “If I do what this video tells me to do and it doesn’t fix the issue, will I know what to do next?”

If the answer is no – and let’s be honest, the answer is definitely no – you need to leave the iPhone surgery to a pro.

But The YouTube Kid Made It Look So Easy

Just like with real television, there’s often a lot that happens behind the scenes of most YouTube videos, especially those where the poster is trying to make themselves look good. Did MackDaddy1994 really fix the phone that he says he did? Maybe, but how much footage did he cut out?

And is it really possible to tell if the “fixed” iPhone is really the one that was broken to begin with?

Look: maybe the Mack Daddy really did fix the phone and maybe he’s really posting his video with the best of intentions; that is, to help you save money by teaching you to fix yours on your own. But what happens when your repair job goes amiss? What happens when you can’t figure out how to disconnect a cable or when you lose a screw? Are you going to call Mr. YouTube? No, of course not. You’d be on your own, and worse, you wouldn’t even have a working phone to call for help if Mr. YouTube were accepting calls.

Whether the battery in your iPhone needs replacing, you suspect there’s an issue with the phone’s motherboard or you’re experiencing any other problem, the best thing to do is visit a reputable repair shop. They are the ones who will know which cable to unplug, and they’ll have plenty of spares in the event a screw goes MIA.

Getting the Job Done Right Costs Less in the Long Run

The main reason many people try to make DIY iPhone repairs is because they think they’ll save money. After all, replacing your own battery is only going to cost you a few dollars and an hour of your time, right? That might be the case if you’re lucky. What happens if you accidentally scrape the screen or cause an important-looking chip to fall out?

Despite what YouTube wants you to believe, hiring a Nassau County, Long Island professional who knows what he’s doing is actually the cheaper way of repairing an iPhone. It might cost a little more money, but you’ll save tons of time and frustration. The guys at Repair Sharks are the number 1 iPhone repair nationwide for two years running!

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