Desktop PC Cases

Desktop users and in particular gamers are always in search for a desktop case that is something that can help them achieve that can not only serve the purpose of housing the components that combine together in making the perfect Desktop. However, finding the right combination of a desktop case with reference to design, portability (for some), and capacity is an unending quest for the users. In this article, we are going to contribute by reviewing some of the best cases that we think would be perfect for people who prefer using their desktop computers for all purposes.

Fractal Design Node E202


Ever heard about the saying, “With Simplicity comes great beauty.” If you haven’t yet heard about it, then you should certainly check out the Node E202 desktop case by Fractal Design. The simple and stylish case consists of a square chassis that consists of two USB 3.0 ports at the front alongside two 3.5mm Speakers and Mic ports. The body can be placed vertically or horizontally, so if you are short on space and you still prefer having the case on your tablet then you can easily get that done with this flexibly designed PC case.

The first thing that might hit your mind about the Node E202, is that the small body won’t allow the flow of air in and out, which would result in producing heat and eventually damaging the components. This is totally not the case with this particular case. Along with the space for a Mini-ITX motherboard, a dual slot GPU and several other goodies that some people like to have on their PC, such as, a sound card. There is plenty of space for thermal vents to keep the warm air out of the box and letting fresh air inside the body. With the strategic placements of the air filters, you should rest assure that your CPU is going to stay dust free and you would need to clean up your components every now and then to ensure their proper working.


Fractal Design Core 500

Fractal Design has been kind enough to release another PC case for people who are in search for a compact body, yet they are not prepared for making any compromises in selecting the components that might not fit into small PC cases. The Core 500 supports the ITX motherboard, similar to that of the NODE E202, it consists of 2 PCI brackets and gamers would be delighted to know that the body comes with a built-in fan that has been designed and installed in a way to effectively keep the hot air out of the rectangular body of the case.

Magnetic dust filters are layered over the vents that ensure that the dust stays out of the body. This helps in keeping your PC components clean for a longer period of time and also lets them work efficiently. For people who would not like to be restricted to having multiple Hard Disk drives, the core 500 can be an amazing pick, the case lets you place a 2.5” SSD and a HDD at the same time.


The Node E202 and the Core 500 are both designed for different purposes, which may vary from one person to another based on what a user would like to use his/her PC for. Both the cases are amazing in terms of quality, make sure you pick the one that suits the level of portability you are looking for.


Oculus Rift – The Pioneer of Virtual Reality

Oculus has been the pioneer of Virtual Reality ever since the technology has made it under the spotlight. While companies are competing against the mobile VR headset competition or the PC tethered, the oculus has taken the extra mile and contributed towards both the worlds with the release of the Samsung Gear VR in collaboration with Samsung and then the Oculus Rift, all by its own.

Oculus Rift vs. HTC Vive

The Oculus Rift has been competing with the HTC Vive and makes a pretty good place in the market with its lighter, sleeker design and providing more comfort to the user. Unlike the HTC Vive the Oculus Rift also packs up a pair of headphones, but instead lacks a controller which could cost another $200 on top of the $600 price tag, which is still better as compared to the Vive.

The biggest threat for the Rift comes from HTC Vive, the HTC Vive came way after the release of the Oculus Rift in fact Oculus Rift started off as a startup which was later acquired by Facebook. The experience of virtual reality on the Oculus Rift is way better as compared to that of the PlayStation VR, but it takes a hit when compared to that of the Oculus Rift. Taking this factor into mind, the Oculus is way cheaper as compared to HTC Vive.

Minimum Specifications

Getting into the Virtual Reality arena, one does require a PC with outstanding specifications. This problem may not apply to gamers, but it will definitely a point of consideration for people whom lack a gaming PC or the ones who rely on console gaming. The minimum requirements for a PC to run with Oculus Rift is an Intel Core i5 4590 or equivalent processor, 8GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon 290 video card. The setup barely takes 10 minutes and is the ideal choice for small apartments and living rooms in particular.

Compatibility and Games

The Rift comes with a bunch of exclusive games which means that you can immediately get started with the outstanding experience the hardware has to offer after purchasing the headset. Virtual Reality content is barely available and the biggest edge that the Oculus Rift has over the HTC Vive is the available of a vast range of games and movies readily available for Oculus Rift as opposed to the limited amount of games and movies available for the HTC Vive.

The Downside

One the flip side, the oculus lacks the highly necessary screen adjustment feature, the ability to connect to a smartphone unlike the HTC vive, which is a turn off, moreover, no augmented reality, which honestly hit us with a shock and no safety measures to determine if you will hit the wall or roll over the sofa set lying in your living room. It isn’t as immersive as a Virtual Reality headset should be.

MacBook Repair Services: The Break-Down on Breakdowns

MacBook Repair Services: The Break-Down on Breakdowns

Macbook repair service can vary from model to model. For an Apple user, a Mac malfunction can easily reach the level of crisis in a hurry!  Fortunately, Apple products have many commercialized caretakers (okay, technicians) who can provide MacBook repair services and address all kinds of damage and malfunctions.

Macbook Repair

Before You Take Your Mac to the Shop

Always, always, always back up your data!  That’s definitely the number one rule before you take your Mac to its doc!

Depending on what’s going on with your notebook, the techs may need to reformat your hard drive as part of the process of repair.  If you haven’t backed up your data and systems before handing it over, that reformat would essentially wipe out everything you’ve ever saved or formatted or finished and stored on your computer.

The specific procedure for backup may vary depending on which operating system you’re using, so you’ll want to look up the directions relevant to your set-up. The Time Machine function will back up absolutely everything on your computer—even including documents, movies, music, and photos—and then transfer to an external storage disk which you can keep safe while your notebook ventures out to the repair shop. The external storage can be a second hard drive (connected to a Thunderbolt, FireWire, or USB port on your laptop) or even a network server.

You probably also want to check that your contacts, calendars, photos, documents, and other apps have been uploaded to iCloud for backup storage.

Many repair shops will offer data backup as a part of their services, but you’ll have to pay them to do so. It’s entirely up to you.

Repairs You Might Need

Truth be told, there are all kinds of things that can go wrong with our precious computers, and it can be a challenge to interpret the “tech-speak” when the good folks at the repair shop try to explain it to you.

So here’s a quick run-down on some of the possible breakdowns:

  • Hard Drive Replacement. Whether something has gone wrong with your current hard drive or you’re simply looking for an upgrade, hard drive replacement is essentially a matter of switching out your computer’s “brain” for a new one. (Have you ever had a day when you wish you could do the same for yourself?) The process is a relatively simple one for the shop, so the main expense comes in the cost of the new hard drive.
  • Virus removal. Do you know someone who hardly ever gets sick, but gets really sick when they do come down with a bug? Macs are kind of like that; they’re famously resistant to virus attacks, but they can really get walloped when one does get through.
  • LCD replacement. LCD is the technology (literally) behind your screen, so if you’re having display problems, you might need LCD replacement.
  • Data recovery. If your data has disappeared and you can’t find it in your own iCloud or Time Machine backups, there’s still a chance that the experts can dig it out.
  • Motherboard repair. If the hard drive is your computer’s “brain,” the motherboard might be considered its central nervous system.
  • Water damage repair. This might be the most common of needed repairs; whether you’ve spilled a cup of coffee across your keyboard or had a bookbag leak in a rainstorm, computers and liquids just don’t mix well! (And unlike a cell phone, it’s not as easy to put your computer in a bag of rice.) Techs will open your MacBook to clean it.

There’s an old nursery rhyme regarding apples and doctors, but when it comes to computer doctors in Long Island, its no problem to find one who won’t be kept away by an Apple a Day!

Whether you have a water damaged Macbook, your LCD cracked or even the outer glass portion on older style macbook pro’s the Repair Sharks can help. We replace and repair a variety of Macbook components such as batteries, screens, motherboards, charging ports, etc. Our Macbook repair services are top-notch.

Nokia 7 & 8 – Specs and Review

The world has been a fan of the Nokia phones when they first came to conquer the market back when the concept of Smartphones had not yet floated. Shockingly, the company had struggled in the Smartphone phone industry, with several attempts from them in the shape of windows and android phones.

In spite of the entire struggle with their smartphones, Nokia has finally made a comeback into the market after they had announced the release of two smartphones, namely the Nokia 7 and the Nokia 8. Let’s dig deeper into why we think these phones will top the market.


The Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 will pack Qualcomm’s latest 600 series processors that are going to be much faster and efficient when it comes to usage and battery consumption. The Snapdragon 660 would really boost the performance of both the Nokia 7 and the Nokia 8, based on the fact that they will be faster or equivalent to that of the Snapdragon 820, which is being used in the flagship phones of this year.

Design and Body

The Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 are rumored to have a uni-body metal design which is a big leap for Nokia. One of the several reasons that Nokia couldn’t catch up with the market earlier was the fact that their phones weren’t the best looking smartphones on the market, but with the Nokia 7 and 8, the company is bringing a huge change. The smartphones will have thin bezels and will also pack a fingerprint scanner.

The Nokia 7 and the Nokia 8 will have different screen sizes, with the larger one packing up a QHD screen whereas the smaller variant to have a 1080p display.


The reason why most of the smartphone companies are failing the market is due to their price tags. Smartphone companies such as Xiomi and OnePlus has given the market a fairly tough competition by offering top-notch smartphones without letting the user break the bank.

Nokia has considered this fact as well, accordingly to several rumors the Nokia 7 and the Nokia 8 will be mid-ranged phones. This will definitely pull people towards it based on the top end specs and the reliability of Nokia as a whole.

Apple adds leniency to their Third-Party Screen Repairs

Apple has been uptight about their policies regarding iPhone screen repairs. Screens are one of the most fragile parts of smartphone and even a slight drop on the floor in the wrong angle can cause a crack in the screen. Apple has made a fairly good decision to allow third-party repairs get an iPhone fixed without voiding the warranty.

Apple has floated a memo that clearly states that an Apple Authorized Service Provider must check the damaged device for any tampering in the hardware that does not include the screen. Once it has been verified that the device hasn’t been tampered, the phone should be repaired as per company policy.

There are however some clauses that may offend a potential customer. The memo states that if the replaced screen hinders the repairing process or causes a failure during the repair process, then the costs will be incurred upon the customer.

Going ahead, if the problem is related to the replaced third party display, the customer will have to pay for the display outside of the warranty. Finally, if a customer wishes to replace the third party display with an original one, the customer will have to pay the costs.

According to us, the policies mentioned above are fairly lenient when it comes to the policies previously implemented by the company. With these relaxations, Apple is making it easier for their customers to get their phone repaired if they are unable to get to an Apple Care store in time.

Repair Sharks offers services for all Apple devices. If you have a problem with a iPhone, iPad, your Macbook or even an iPod visit our website for free diagnostic and repair options.