Mini PC – Powerhouse in your Pocket

mini pc

The evolution of technology has been consistent ever since the creation of a computer. Every passing day there is an update within the hardware we use to make it more usable. The usability factor is highly dependent on that of portability and over the past decade, users who tend to use their computer machine daily have moved from a desktop PC to a laptop computer.

This shift had most certainly resolved the portability issue but it couldn’t make up for the performance factor, until the Mini PC concept made it to the spotlight. The Mini PC, as the name suggests, allows you to have better portability than a laptop without compromising on performance or speed.

What are Mini PCs?

The simplest explanation of a Mini PC is the shrinking down of a Desktop PC. The size of a processor, RAM and motherboard is shrunk down to the size of a box that you can carry around in your bag or even in your pocket.

Most of these Mini PCs have replaced the fan system of a desktop PC with a more effective and modern heatsink system, that keeps the hardware cooler and ventilated always. This helps with keeping the size compact as well.

Tangent has been one of the major pioneers of Mini PCs and they have high quality hardware to offer. Let’s have a look at one of the best Modern PCs that are available in the market.

Rugged E3

The Rugged E3 without any doubt is the most practical and hardcore Mini PC one can find in the market. With a rugged body frame that can allow the user to throw it in the backpack and not worry about any physical damage caused by a shock or vibration. This Mini PC also has the ability to withstand any water damage which makes it even more durable.

The metal chassis has a 6th Generation Intel Desktop Processor and the Intel 530 GPU to meet your high computing needs. This Mini PC has two swappable drives that lets you have multiple storage options.

Rugged Q1

The Rugged Q1 is the smallest Ultra Mini PC that can offer you a decent amount of computing power. This Mini PC uses the Intel vPro Core i5 processor and can be plugged into a wide variety of power inputs (9 to 24V DC) for use in any environment.

The Mini PC also allows you to have many options when it comes to mounting. You can choose whether you want to keep in on a desk or mount it with a wall bracket.

Rugged I

If you are one of those users who would always like to have a bunch of options when it comes to the selection of hardware then this Mini PC is just the right option for you. The Rugged I, supports a Core i3, i5 and i7 Intel 4th Generation Processors. The body is Shock and Vibration proof so you never have to worry about the physical strength of the machine.

This Mini PC consists of one Gbit LAN, one RS232, six USB ports, two HDMI and a DisplayPort, which will never limit you with any connectivity issues. The USB 3 ports can help you connect to an external graphic adapter that will keep you up and running for further graphical power.

Hot Swappable Drive Bay VS. Removable Drive Bay


Our lives have started relying on computers more than ever in the past and the things we do without the involvement of computers are probably going to be automated soon enough. Simply thinking about our useful documents, files or even history the first thing that comes into our mind is the Hard Drive storage of our computer.

Modularity is phenomenon which allows the user to be able to move around the components between two or more PCs. This can simply be thought of as USB mice, keyboards or even Flash Drives. Before the introduction of USB, we had a technology called PS2 connectors that required restarting the computer every time you plug-in or plug-out a keyboard or a mouse.

In order to resolve this issue, thanks to the advancements, we now have what we call a hot swappable drive bay. Let’s dig deeper into what exactly a hot swappable drive bay is and how it can be extremely useful.

What is a Hot Swappable Drive Bay?

The hot swappable drive bay as the name suggests is a box that can house multiple hard drives at the same time and allow the user to pull out or swipe in a hard drive without the need for restarting the PC. The biggest advantage of doing so is to transfer large amount of data from one system to another without facing complications.

What are its Applications?

The first and the foremost advantage of using the hot swappable drive bay is portability. As mentioned above, if you want to carry a large chunk of your data from one PC to another, the hot swappable drive bay can be your best friend.

Computers have shrunk down to a very small form factor even when it comes to Industrial usage. The Mini Rugged PCs are taking over things pretty fast, coupling it up with the hot swappable drive bays can make things pretty easy and convenient.

On a larger scale, Mini Rugged PCs are being used to run server machines. Imagine a situation where you come across a faulty hard drive. Using conventional methods, you will have to bring the whole server down, try all the hard drives connected to the system on another system until the faulty is detected and only then will you be able to fire up the system. With Swappable Bay, you will not have to bring down the system at all, just pull out the faulty drive from the bay and replace it with a fresh one.

Tech companies or companies that cannot afford downtime of the system must have the Hot Swappable Drive Bay to ensure uptime and also to make sure that there is never any data loss.

Hot Swappable Drive Bay vs Removable Drive Bay

Removable Drive Bays are connected via USB connections, whereas, the Hot Swappable Drive Bay uses SATA connectors in order to connect to the system. The first advantage of the Swappable Drive Bay over a Removable Drive Bay is that of speed, the data transfer rates via SATA is way faster.

The Swappable Drive Bay doesn’t have to be disconnected from the current system and plugged into the other system, they are a part of hardware and therefore integrates better as compared to the removable drive bays.

How can you make your child’s iPod touch safe?


Technology has helped us get over several things by replacing them with gadgets  that are handy and easy to carry around. The problem however is the safety of these devices and especially when they are under the use of children.

Children are careless about the way they carry these gadgets and with the growing need for a slimmer device and more functionalities, these devices have grown to become more prone to damage caused if dropped by mistake. The question however is how to make your Child’s iPod safe and we are going to go through some of the key points you need to consider for the safety of the iPod Touch.

Screen Protector

The most fragile thing on the iPod Touch is that of the screen. Whether it is safety against scratches or breaking, a screen protector can help you against that. The glass protectors are readily available and they sit right on top of the screen and provides all the protection without making you realize if there is anything on top of the screen.

Set Up Find my Phone

Having an iPod can make up for several things that we would use on a regular basis earlier, such as a phonebook, a photo album and a multimedia device. Think of losing a device where you have all your data stored, data that you most certainly want to keep away from the reach of anyone but yourself.

Find my Phone is a built-in application on the iPod that uses the location services and the GPS module on the device in order to track the device in case you lose it. Children tend to forget their things more often and therefore there needs to be a mechanism for recovering it, find my Phone is the most appropriate application for that. If you are unable to track or recover the phone, the application provides you with the ability of deleting all the data on the phone remotely.

Get a Protective Case

Kids have a habit of treating things rough, with a device as expensive as that of the iPod touch you need to ensure that there is sufficient protection against any kind of damage.

A Protective case is just the right place to start. The case is not going to save the iPod touch from falling but it will most certainly keep the body of the device from taken up any significant damage or scratches. The cases range from $20 up till $100, there are a bunch of options to choose from that can actually revamp the entire look of the iPod. Pick the most suitable one which is a combination of looks and safety.

Apple’s Extended Warranty

Apple offer a pretty decent warranty if you purchase the iPod Touch from the Apple Store. If you are thinking of purchasing the device for your child, you most certainly need to consider the probability of the device being damaged or broken.

Apple offers something known as Apple Care which is an extended warranty that costs around $100 and extends a full technical support and repair coverage for two years. The basic warranty coverage is just for 90 days.

Purchasing the iPod Touch with extended support is not a requirement, but if your child breaks things very often then you should definitely consider investing in the warranty. It keeps you covered for a longer period of time without worrying about the authenticity of parts purchased from outside of an apple store.

Apple is Slowing Down Older iPhones


The Smartphone market is being updated with a new smartphone each year. In some cases, there are two smartphones being released each year, the smaller and the bigger versions. Most of the times there isn’t a significant change in the specifications or an intriguing list of features being added, due to which several people shy out from spending just under $1000 on buying a new phone.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to the customers to state that companies want their customers to switch phones every year. However, it doesn’t stop there for the iPhone manufacturer, Apple. Apple has been reportedly slowing down the previous versions of their smartphones with software updates.

All this started when a user posted on Reddit about the improvement in the performance of his iPhone after replacing the battery with a newer one. Primate Lab’s took this upon themselves to measure the CPU frequency with their Geek bench benchmark which shows a clear distribution of performance after the software updates.

Apple responded to this by blaming the issue on the Lithium Ion batteries and how they age with time resulting in sudden shutdowns of the older iPhones and showing their concern about the performance of the iPhones to the end user. Following is the official statement about the issue from Apple.

“Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices Lithium ion batteries become less capable of supplying peak current demands when in cold conditions, have a low battery charge or as they age over time, which can result in the device unexpectedly shutting down to protect its electronic components. Last year we released a feature of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions. We’ve now extended that feature to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2, and plan to add support for other products in the Future. – Apple”

The issue of the random restarts on the iPhone 6s after the release of the iPhone 7 had been raised earlier this year. However, Apple claimed that the issue had been fixed with a software update. Apple released an official statement in February 2017, which is as follows:

“With iOS 10.2.1, Apple made improvements to reduce occurrences of unexpected shutdowns that a small number of users where experiencing with their iPhone. iOS 10.2.1 has already has over 50% of active iOS devices upgraded and the diagnostic data we’ve received from upgraders shows that for this small percentage of users experience the issue we’re seeing a more than 80% reduction in iPhone 6s and over 70% reduction on iPhone 6 of devices unexpectedly shutting down. – Apple”

The point of concern here is the way Apple has been tackling this issue. Had they known the reason behind the issue they should have been vocal about it instead of taking it upon themselves and lowering the CPU Frequency from 1600 MHz to all the down to 600 MHz without the knowledge of the customer. Moreover, if the issue had been faced by just a “small number” of users than why would it be enforced by the rest of the users?


Industrial Computers – Why are they the next big thing?

industrial computers

Every part of our live has started revolving around the need for computers and automation. The shift from an analogue way of life to an automated way of life has been quite sudden. Computing has become an integral part of industries, but the needs for the right hardware are most certainly different. It is due to the changing requirements and needs at the industrial level that escalated the need for industrial computers.

What are Industrial Computers?

Industrial Computers may have the same specifications of the PC that normal consumers use at home. The difference however is in the materials that are used in making these computers. For an industrial computer, the materials that go into making chips is made to be tougher, for it to withstand rough conditions like dust, high temperate, humidity, power surges, vibration, burglary, long operation hours and the list goes on.

How can Industrial Computer be useful today?

Computers are everywhere, the reason behind this is because our lives have started depending on computing to much larger extent as compared to our dependency on them 10 or even 5 years ago. Imagine a situation the main server of a bank goes down due elevated temperature, the damage could be huge, not only to the organization but to that of the consumers as well. Industrial computers are designed to withstand hot temperatures with the help of heat-sinks and ventilation.

Factories and heavy industries tend to use computers in conditions that a normal computer cannot withstand, therefore having computers that can work flawlessly in tough situations could be the right pick for them. Industrial computers use stainless steel and conform with IP66 protection that keeps it safe against dust and water damage.

Computers are being used for operating and managing outdoor tasks, take a car parking booth for an instance. The parking booth is programmed to allow only members and people who pay for the parking ticket, therefore, the computer operating this should be secure enough to keep an unauthorized person from having access to the system. Similarly, outdoor conditions may also apply which includes rain, dust, dirt of all kind etc. Moreover, the booth must be connected to a ticketing machine and multiple sensors to ensure that only the authorized cars can pass.

A modern industrial computer, can cater for all the applications mentioned above. These computers come with protection against rough natural conditions which are mentioned above. Adding on, these computers have multiple ports for it to be interfaced with multiple sub-systems. Moreover, the connectors, for instance USB ports are covered with physical locks that helps with keeping the security and integrity of the system intact.