Google – The “Anti-Diversity” Paradigm


Gender and race discrimination has been one of the biggest concerns globally and in the U.S particularly. While most may agree that the issue has addresses and catered for, a wide majority think otherwise about the issue. Recently, a similar incident took place at Google, where a senior software engineer wrote a 10-page long memo about how the gender gap at the tech-giant is the result of biological differences between men and women.

The memo took a hype soon after several employees expressed their opinions about it on social media, some agreeing to the statement and denoting the author as “bold” while several people resenting the ideology and showing their opposing feelings about the memo and the thoughts of the author.

The tech giant and a unicorn in the Silicon Valley has had several issues with gender diversity in the past, but realizing the fact that the male employees are bold enough to state that women are not capable enough to take up a job in the tech world is uncomfortable and alarming. Reports have shown that Google does take part in the discriminate acts since the workforce at the biggest search engine comprises of 56 percent white and 69 percent male.

Department of Labor had filed a case against Google, earlier this year, based on proof that the company is underpaying the female employees as compared to the male employees. The conclusion is yet to be revealed but Google is one of three big Silicon Valley organizations who have faced discrimination claims over the past year.

Google has been trying hard to escape from the abyss of gender discrimination which is evident from the statement by its new Vice President of Diversity, Danielle Brown, responding to the memo by stating that she “found that it advanced incorrect assumptions about gender,” moreover she said “viewpoint that I or this company endorses, promotes or encourages.”

This is not the first time that tech companies have been targeted of gender inequality. The allegations have included Silicon Valley giant including Uber and Tesla for sexism at workplace. The issue has been raised at several instances but fades away after a period unless something like this event comes under the spotlight.

Although having such thoughts is a concern for the government and the department of labor but at the end of the day these thoughts are limited to a just a handful of people. Also, it is completely normal if people have opinions about a subject matter. However, what matters the most are the measures being taken against stopping such actions being taken by tech companies.

Artificial Intelligence – The Key to Unemployment?

Artificial Intelligence

Our world revolves around the technological advancements and progression. Over the past decade alone, the life of a common man has changed upside down in a positive way due to the emergence of technology. Think of a smartphone, 20 years ago, who would have thought that a device that fits inside your pocket could be as powerful as a supercomputer.

While people may argue that technology has brought positive changes to a human’s life, some righteously feel that it is bringing harm to the employment opportunities for humans. Artificial Intelligence is one such technology which is thought of as a disaster and a replacement for several jobs that currently require the assistance of a human being.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Brain is the power intelligent and smart part of a human body, scientists have tried to mimic the functionality of the brain but they hadn’t succeeded until the concept of Artificial Intelligence was formed.

Artificial Intelligence, briefly put, is giving the intelligence of a human brain to a machine or a computer, which means that it can be used to make robots intelligent enough to compete against a human being. The brain controls each part of a human body and it learns from experiences over a period, from birth up till a certain age and that is why humans grow to become more intelligent. Artificial Intelligence is a similar concept where a robot can learn in an environment for which it is designed, however, a robot doesn’t require any sleep or food and thus, it can learn at a much faster pace.

Artificial Intelligence – The key to Unemployment?

With the development of artificial intelligence, the employment opportunities for human beings will without any doubt start becoming thin. However, it will not have a negative effect on every type of job available to humans. There are proficiencies of a machine over a human being and the other way around, jobs that require following a procedure or routine are most likely to be replaced. Alternatively, jobs that require critical thinking and innovation are least prone for replacement, for instance, a writer, an entrepreneur, a leader, an artist etc.

As per statistics, 47% of the jobs will be replaced by robots with the help of artificial intelligence. Heavy industries are already replacing humans with robots, the automobile industry for example prefer using robots for manufacturing automobiles to reduce the chance for human errors.

OpenAI, a company developed by Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and an entrepreneur developed an AI Bot that competed against multiple professional gamers. The bot totally outplayed the gamers and the developers claimed that it took the program a total of 2 weeks’ time to prepare for the competition.

Some things may seem impossible when thought of right now, but there may be more opportunities for AI to concur. Long as humans are concerned, we are designed to adjust to every situation. Humans may lose certain jobs, but with the development of AI there will be multiple other openings that will make up for the loss.

Google Pixel 2 – Facts and Rumors

Google Pixel 2

The smartphone market has been flooded with high-quality smartphones carrying outstanding software and hardware capabilities. Smartphone manufacturers have been innovating and adding up to the features-list to make it a more compelling purchase every year.

Similar is the scenario with Google, the pioneer of Android Operating System has made a breakthrough with their Pixel series, releasing two smartphones namely the Pixel and the Pixel XL. The search engine giant had shown the world what a perfect phone should look and feel like and therefore, the Pixel was considered one of the best smartphones of 2016.

The company is most likely going to release a newer version of the Google Pixel, which they will be calling the Google Pixel 2. It is without any doubt going to be an improvement when compared to the previous version, which can only be confirmed after the release. Let’s have a roundup of all the facts and rumors revolving around the Google Pixel 2.

Hardware and Design

Several rumors had been suggesting that Google is looking for an alternative to that of the Qualcomm chips they had used in the first version of Google Pixel. The company has been looking at options from Intel and MediaTek besides Qualcomm. The latest chip from Qualcomm, namely, the Snapdragon 836 is still unannounced and therefore, the Google Pixel 2 is rumored to pack the Snapdragon 835 Chipset, which is being used by Samsung Note 8.

HTC’s U11 had a completely pimped up form factor with the squeezable frame, several rumors suggest that the Google Pixel 2 will come with a similar squeezable frame. With this feature added, you can access your favorite applications by simply squeezing the phone. It is not only cool to used, but is tremendously useful in most situations. This rumor also suggest that HTC will yet again help Google with the manufacturing of the Google Pixel 2, as they have done in the past with the Google Pixel.

Long as the design is concerned, it is going to be slimmer than the Google Pixel and the interesting part is that it may have an infinity display like the Samsung Galaxy S8. The flagship will have IPS68 protection which will keep it from taking any damage from water or dust.

The biggest downside however, is that the Google Pixel 2 will dump the 3.5mm Headphone Jack which would be a huge disappointment for the loyal customers of the brand. The phone will come baring a USB-C port and it is also rumored that unlike Apple, Google will be adding a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack. We don’t think that would be enough to make up for the loss of the headphone jack.


It goes without saying that the Google Pixel’s biggest selling point is its hardware and that is the reason people overlook the hardware flaws. The stock android goodness will without a doubt still make the phone fun to use and fast at the same time. The Google Pixel 2 will come with the latest Android Operating System which is being named as Android Oreo or Android O.

All You Need to Know About the iPhone 8

All You Need to Know About the iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Model

Photo Credit: Martin uit Utrecht Flickr via Compfight cc

In less than a month, Apple is expected to unveil their groundbreaking flagship carrier in celebration of the iPhone’s 10-year anniversary. The upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to be a game changing device with a number of innovative features – something that every Apple fan has been waiting a long time for.

Investment bank Morgan Stanley described the that the device will have some of “the most meaningful features and technology upgrades in iPhone history.” Aside from being the 10-year anniversary iPhone, Apple needs a competitive handset that can help them boost their revenues after a disappointing 2016. Based on Nikkei Asian’s review of the iPhone 7 sales, the poor performing device forced the company to cut back its production by 10%.

Samsung also gave Apple a run for its money with the arrival of their future-thinking smartphone earlier this year. In a dedicated Galaxy S8 page by O2, the 4.6-star rated handset features some of the top mobile technologies including wireless charging, ‘infinity’ display, Bluetooth 5.0, propriety AI software Bixby with machine learning, iris biometric security sensor and more. These are the same features that consumers hope to see on the iPhone 8.

Despite Apple’s attempt to manage any leaked information, analysts have unearthed some of the iPhone 8’s important features. Read on below as we reveal the top leaked information about the iPhone 8.

Edge-to-edge display

iPhone 8 Front

Photo Credit: Martin uit Utrecht Flickr via Compfight cc

Leaked images of an iPhone with an all new design elements have been circulating online. One of its noteworthy features is its edge-to-edge display, similar to the Galaxy S8’s infinity screen. Apple analyst KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo remarked that Apple is probably working on having an additional virtual function area to replace the physical Home button. He also discussed screen resolution specs – 521 PPI pixel density, 2436×1125 resolution, 5.15 inch usable screen space, 21:9 ratio, and 3x retina scaling.

Face ID

While Samsung has invested in upgrading their devices with iris sensors, Apple is working on including facial recognition security for their iPhone 8. Cowen’s Apple analyst Timothy Arcuri said that facial and gesture recognition could be some of the features that are included in Apple’s next flagship carrier, with it gaining a new front-facing sensor to enable the scanner. In a 9to5mac report about the Face ID technology, an analyst explained that the new biometric sensor on the iPhone will be “supported by a new laser sensor and an infrared sensor mounted near the front-facing camera” while the Touch ID will be embedded in the display.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is one of the interesting features that is expected to be available with the upcoming iPhone 8. Based on the leaked images online, the iPhone 8 will have internal wireless charging components. However, Apple expert John Gruber said the feature could be sold as an optional extra. While the device is capable of charging wirelessly, users will have to purchase the additional wireless charging pad accessory in order for the feature to work. Previously, Apple filed patents for charging smartphones using Wi-Fi, but it appears that they will opt for inductive technologies rather than the signal method for their next handset.


Apple iPhone 8
Photo Credit: Martin uit Utrecht Flickr via Compfight cc

Another feature rumored to appear on the iPhone 8 is the waterproofing capability. But, unlike the other rugged devices on the market, CultofMac said it will have a higher waterproof rating. The next iPhone is set to boast a IP68 rating protection. This will enable the handset to withstand dust, dirt, and sand as well as be resistant to submersion of up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for 30 minutes. Currently, only the Galaxy S7 smartphone comes with an IP68 rating and Apple is allegedly planning to try and catch up this year with a handset that can be submerged just as deep.

Traditionally, Apple unveils its new phones in September, so experts foresee the iPhone 8 to be launched sometime around September 6th. Although it will be announced alongside the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, there have been reports that the long-awaited smartphone will not arrive on the market until October or November. Japanese Apple-tracking site Macotakara reported on the potential delay stating that Apple has planned to release the device sometime during its fiscal first quarter (October-December).


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iPhone 8 – What to expect?

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives and the ever-ending war between iOS and Android has another competitor to arrive, which is the iPhone 8. A list of features and functionalities start making it to the internet right at the beginning of each year, however, the most accurate ones arrive by the mid of each year.

Apple has been fairly slow with adding up to their iPhone series ever since the release of the iPhone 6, there hasn’t been any major change. This time however, it looks like the iOS giant is going to bring something more to the plate, after all it is the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. There are a bunch of rumors that we think are leaning towards the reality and they are as follows.

Design & Display

Unlike the previous versions of iPhone, there are going to be three variants. Namely, the iPhone 8 which would come bearing a 5.15” inch display, an iPhone 8 Plus which is the bigger variant and would have a 5.8” display, a third phone which would be the same size as that of the iPhone 8 Plus, however, the display would be an OLED instead of the standard display.

The biggest hype of the iPhone is the rumor that circulates around the screen. Inspired from the Samsung Galaxy S8, it is expected that it will pack the infinity display or the edge-to-display as most people like to call it. The metal body will be replaced with that of the glass body similar to that of the iPhone 4.

Home Button and Touch ID

The iPhone 8 is expected to come without the home button, instead it will have a complete screen and at the middle bottom of the display it will have a touch button like the assistive touch which will be a software key instead of a hardware one.

The confusion however is whether it will have touch ID or not, we expect that it will have an onscreen finger print reader. The rumors are that the touch ID will be replaced with a facial recognition system. Apple knows its thing without a doubt, but it will be weird if facial recognition replaces touch ID, what if you are using your phone in a dark room?

Features and Functionalities

The Apple iPhone 8 will have a faster A11 chip that is 10 nano-meters in size, it is expected that the newer chip will improve the battery life as well as make the already snappy software more snappier and smooth.

With almost all the latest android phones packing up the water resistance feature, it would be a turn-off if Apple doesn’t make sure that the iPhone 8 is water resistant. With the technology moving towards the wireless configuration, it is also rumored that the iPhone 8 will wireless charging enabled which will be in-actual wireless charging unlike the competitors setting up a charging dock.