Best iPhone Repair Company – What the Ratings Say?

iPhone repair is becoming a common issue nowadays and people have to face it at some point or the other during the life of the device, no matter how careful they are in handling it. The chances of a person dropping his iPhone accidentally, smashing it somehow or doing inadvertent damage to it while using it have increased in the last few years.

Since the iPhone is an expensive gadget, parting with it because it got damaged after an accident can be a very devastating thing for any user. However, iPhone repair companies and services are available that can help in restoring your phone to its original glory without costing you much.

Factors to Consider when Selecting iPhone Repair Company

Choice of the service for repairing your beloved iPhone must not be done in haste. When selecting an iPhone repair company one must have to take into account the following factors.

  • Repair Cost: Whether the repair cost demanded by the company is in line with the market standards or not?
  • Components: Will instructional material and replacement components be provided by the service if you are to repair the phone on your own?
  • Trustworthiness: Is the company trustworthy? Does it have a professional website? Whether the iPhone repair process has been explained properly or not?

Why Better Bureau Ratings are Important

In addition to the abovementioned factors, one other factor that you will do well to remember when selecting an iPhone repair company is the ratings given to it by bureaus that rank the best repair services. The companies that are accredited by better bureau ratings are to be trusted than amateurs service providers that offer cheap rates and empty promises.

The ratings given to a repair service by a bureau are based on a number of factors and make it easier for you to decide whether a particular company can be trusted or not with the repair of your iPhone.

Why AmateuriPhone Repair Companies need to be avoided

Amateur iPhone repair companies often boast of providing cheap and quick repair services but unfortunately all of this is a sham. They do not possess the experience or the knowledge to understand the issues with a damaged iPhone and thus cannot repair it as professional service providers can.

Another danger that remains when trusting an amateur service to repair your iPhone is that they can take out the original parts in your phone that are functioning properly and replace them with cheap ones, damaging your phone even further.

Benefits of Repair

Why Repairing Your Own Broken iPhone Can be Dangerous

There are many screws in the iPhone and each one varies in size. Their typical size is smaller than an eyeglass screw. These screws can easily be misplaced or put back in the wrong position causing issues later. There really aren’t many shortcuts with doing a repair of this nature. The utmost care and time must be taken from start to finish and even then damage can occur regularly.

A screen installation on the iPhone 4 and 4s models requires full disassembly to access the front panel. On top of the many screws that need to be removed, some of which in tricky spots, there is double sided tape holding the glass to the framing. You need to remove this without damaging any underlying components. Some of these components are actually attached to the glass that you are removing and are necessary for reinstallation on the new glass. We see many types of cable tears in various areas of the phone. The home button can tear, the top power button can tear, even when installing a new iPhone front glass if you are not careful you will tear the cables on the new glass LCD and digitizer.

The battery connector on the iPhone 4 and 4s models is rather delicate. We see breakage here quite regularly and even get calls from other shops having issues after breaking this particular connector. Any type of minor board damage can result in a completely useless logic board.

On older iPhones the connectors on the board can become spread apart and not make solid contact with peripheral connectors like the LCD and digitizer. Some of the cabling is intertwined very compactly in the corners of the casing. There aren’t as many screws as an iPhone 4s but 3G and 3Gs models do have a few nuances.

There are many more things to consider when fixing an iPhone so it is important to do all your research. Here is a video below that shows a basic repair on an iPhone 4 AT&T model. Keep in mind that these are just instructional videos and other models such as the Verizon CDMA version and iPhone 4S use different methods.

iPad 1 and iPad 2 Screen Digitizer and LCD Repair Service

The iPad 2 is one of those devices that you just love to hold in your hand. It’s also one of those devices that love to leave your hand. The iPad is a slick and sleek design that feels smooth to the touch. Unfortunately it’s just as slippery as it sounds. iPad screens although durable are usually one of the first pieces of the iPad 1 or 2 to get damaged. The glass can crack with just the right amount of pressure in any of the 4 corners or by direct impact to the screen. The iPad has a tendency to drop towards a corner much like one of its counterparts the iPhone 4 and 4s. Cases can only do so much and even the best case designs have still resulted in cracked screens.

When your front glass digitizer or LCd cracks on your iPad 2 in most cases the best option is to have it repaired. The cost of replacing the iPad can far exceed the cost of repairing it.  The front glass on an iPad can be replaced safely using new replacement glass and adhesive. The repair must be performed by an experienced technician. An experienced technician will know the proper methods for removing and replacing the damaged components. There are many components that are directly tied to the front glass panel; these components can easily be damaged. The repair can take a technician up to 4 hours depending on how bad your glass and unibody housing is.

Repair Sharks is an experienced iPad Repair center located in Long Island, New York (NY). We accept mail-in and drop-off service 6-days a week.  We have services iPads, iPhones, and iPods from all over the US and internationally. Our services include Free Diagnostics, Insured Return Shipping, and Warranty with our iPad 1 and 2 repair services.

Call us at 516-499-6892 or visit our website for more information or to sign up for our Free Diagnostic Service.

iPad Model Generations

Repair Sharks iPad 2 Repair Services

Repair Sharks offers repair services for the iPad 2. We have been repairing the iPad 1 and 2 for some time now and have had great results. We offer Front Glass, LCD, and water damage repair of the iPad 2. We can also replace such things as power, volume, wifi, and 3G cabling in all iPads. The iPad 2 repair process is different from the iPad 1 in many ways. Apple has used a lot of adhesive to hold the iPad 2 glass in place and it is a difficult repair to do without damaging other components in the iPad.

We do not suggest repairing an Apple iPad 1 or 2 unless you don’t care if you damage it. Once you damage another component it becomes much more involved to get the iPad working again properly. Through doing these repairs we noticed that the glass itself is very dangerous. It can become very sharp and splinter easily during the removal process. Sometimes we repair these using 2 technicians to speed up the repair process depending on how bad the crack is.

Give us a call for any repair questions you have regarding the iPad 1 or 2. We stock glass in both white and black and have performed hundreds of repairs on them.

iPad 2 Repair

iPhone 4s Repair Services by Repair Sharks

iPhone 4s repair is similar to repairing the original Apple iPhone 4 in many ways. The front glass is virtually the same as is the LCD and Touch panel assembly. It also seems to crack much like the 4 does. The glass on the front and back although aesthetically pleasing is still vulnerable to damage if dropped. There are some slight differences in the frame of the new iPhone 4s making causing the price of repair to be slightly more in some cases but overall the price of the repair is very close. The device internals are slightly altered from the original ATT version of the 4. It looks like the 4s has adopted many of the changes that came with the later Verizon iPhone 4 model.

Performance wise there isn’t a major change over the 4. The 4s definitely responds faster in some applications over its predecessor. The dual processors are a nice step up from the 4. Overall the physical appearance of the 4s is almost identical to the 4.

Repair Sharks has full repair options available for the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 4s is a difficult repair and requires experienced technicians to complete it properly. Our technicians take the necessary time to diagnose your issues and offer you the best advice for repairing any model iPhone you may have. Give us a call and we will be happy to help. We service iPods and iPhones both nationally and abroad.

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