iPhone 4s Repair Services by Repair Sharks

iPhone 4s repair is similar to repairing the original Apple iPhone 4 in many ways. The front glass is virtually the same as is the LCD and Touch panel assembly. It also seems to crack much like the 4 does. The glass on the front and back although aesthetically pleasing is still vulnerable to damage if dropped. There are some slight differences in the frame of the new iPhone 4s making causing the price of repair to be slightly more in some cases but overall the price of the repair is very close. The device internals are slightly altered from the original ATT version of the 4. It looks like the 4s has adopted many of the changes that came with the later Verizon iPhone 4 model.

Performance wise there isn’t a major change over the 4. The 4s definitely responds faster in some applications over its predecessor. The dual processors are a nice step up from the 4. Overall the physical appearance of the 4s is almost identical to the 4.

Repair Sharks has full repair options available for the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 4s is a difficult repair and requires experienced technicians to complete it properly. Our technicians take the necessary time to diagnose your issues and offer you the best advice for repairing any model iPhone you may have. Give us a call and we will be happy to help. We service iPods and iPhones both nationally and abroad.

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