Repair Sharks iPad 2 Repair Services

Repair Sharks offers repair services for the iPad 2. We have been repairing the iPad 1 and 2 for some time now and have had great results. We offer Front Glass, LCD, and water damage repair of the iPad 2. We can also replace such things as power, volume, wifi, and 3G cabling in all iPads. The iPad 2 repair process is different from the iPad 1 in many ways. Apple has used a lot of adhesive to hold the iPad 2 glass in place and it is a difficult repair to do without damaging other components in the iPad.

We do not suggest repairing an Apple iPad 1 or 2 unless you don’t care if you damage it. Once you damage another component it becomes much more involved to get the iPad working again properly. Through doing these repairs we noticed that the glass itself is very dangerous. It can become very sharp and splinter easily during the removal process. Sometimes we repair these using 2 technicians to speed up the repair process depending on how bad the crack is.

Give us a call for any repair questions you have regarding the iPad 1 or 2. We stock glass in both white and black and have performed hundreds of repairs on them.

iPad 2 Repair

by Daniel Cieslak