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iPhone X – a Revisit

iPhone X - a Revisit 1

Apple announced the most controversial iPhone ever on the special occasion of the 10th Anniversary of their iPhone lineup. The iPhone X brought some pretty amazing things to the table and was a total revamp when compared to iPhones released so far, especially in the aesthetics department. The question of whether people loved or despised […]

MacBook Repair

Macbook repair services. Since 2006, one of the best computers you can get is a Macbook. Steve Jobs had put years (and in some cases even decades) into the process of creating these fantastic computers. Even though Microsoft had such a jump on them in terms of the personal computer, when it comes to the […]

iPad Repair– Methods You Can Use

Before you opt for the services of an iPad repair company, you may want to consider trying to repair it yourself. In some instances, iPad users have been able to repair their own device, and save a lot of money to boot. We believe in not only offering the best customer service experience, but we […]

iPad 3 Issues and Repairs – Hotter than iPad 2?

Repair Sharks has already begun getting inquiries into iPad 3 repairs.  As of March 2012 we are waiting for new inventory to arrive and the high prices to drop. Parts are available for the 3 but on a limited scale at this time. The cost for the 3rd Gen iPad parts is high currently due […]