iPad 1 and iPad 2 Screen Digitizer and LCD Repair Service

The iPad 2 is one of those devices that you just love to hold in your hand. It’s also one of those devices that love to leave your hand. The iPad is a slick and sleek design that feels smooth to the touch. Unfortunately it’s just as slippery as it sounds. iPad screens although durable are usually one of the first pieces of the iPad 1 or 2 to get damaged. The glass can crack with just the right amount of pressure in any of the 4 corners or by direct impact to the screen. The iPad has a tendency to drop towards a corner much like one of its counterparts the iPhone 4 and 4s. Cases can only do so much and even the best case designs have still resulted in cracked screens.

When your front glass digitizer or LCd cracks on your iPad 2 in most cases the best option is to have it repaired. The cost of replacing the iPad can far exceed the cost of repairing it.  The front glass on an iPad can be replaced safely using new replacement glass and adhesive. The repair must be performed by an experienced technician. An experienced technician will know the proper methods for removing and replacing the damaged components. There are many components that are directly tied to the front glass panel; these components can easily be damaged. The repair can take a technician up to 4 hours depending on how bad your glass and unibody housing is.

Repair Sharks is an experienced iPad Repair center located in Long Island, New York (NY). We accept mail-in and drop-off service 6-days a week.  We have services iPads, iPhones, and iPods from all over the US and internationally. Our services include Free Diagnostics, Insured Return Shipping, and Warranty with our iPad 1 and 2 repair services.

Call us at 516-499-6892 or visit our website www.repairsharks.com for more information or to sign up for our Free Diagnostic Service.

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