iPad Repair Is Truly A Complicated Process

iPad Repair Is Truly A Complicated Process

No matter which model iPad you own, whether it’s a first generation or the latest Air 2, it’s likely to be a prized possession. It’s for this reason that the thought of something like a cracked screen or water damage sends chills down your spine.

You can take the best care of your tablet, from always keeping it in its case to washing your hands before use, but accidents happen. When you find yourself in need of repair, will you try to fix things yourself or will you let a reputable repairman handle the task?

To Fix or Not to Fix (On Your Own)

There’s no questioning that your iPad was expensive. It’s for this reason that you might consider trying to save a few bucks by repairing it yourself when something goes wrong. With so many how-to guides and videos freely available on the internet, you might think, “what’s the harm?”

The harm is that you might actually cause more damage, and you might find yourself with an iPad that is almost not salvageable. Consider the following common issues and what might go wrong:

Cracked screen: this is an issue that lots of iPad owners encounter. It often occurs when your tablet is dropped, and the severity of the damage can range from a small, almost unnoticeable crack in a corner to a completely shattered screen.

Many people actually continue to use their iPads after sustaining this kind of damage. Small fractures rarely prevent users from using an iPad to its full capability, and most are more likely to be extra careful with their device in an effort to prevent further damage.

It’s actually not until an iPad owner sees a how-to guide online that they get the idea that they can actually fix the screen themselves. These guides oversimplify the process and make it seem as if the act of screen replacement is as simple as just “swapping” screens.

It’s often not until a would-be repairer is deep in the process of “swapping” that they realize that they are in over their heads. Once the screen is lifted off the iPad (if they can get that far), they’ll realize that there are all kinds of loose parts that must be accounted for, and worse, they might find themselves unable to proceed with the repair because the damage goes beyond the screen and into the LCD.

Water damage: it happens. Maybe you find yourself caught in the middle of a sudden storm. Perhaps you were rooting around in your backpack and your iPad made a dive for the largest puddle around. However it happens, water damage is very serious and should be addressed quickly.

If you Google “how to fix a water damaged iPad”, you’ll find all kinds of asinine remedies, such as stuffing it in a bag of rice for a few days to attempting to dry it out with a blow dryer. If you weren’t so mentally in a desperate place, you’d easily recognize that these fixes are a bad idea.

But, because you’re worried about completely frying your iPad and possibly being out hundreds of dollars, you’ll be at the point where you’re willing to try anything.

Don’t Try “Anything” – Try a Repairman

Saving money isn’t a bad thing, but it has its time and place. When it comes to dealing with an expensive iPad, trying to save a couple of bucks should not be high on your list of priorities. Instead, you should be worried about getting your iPad fixed quickly and correctly. The only way to accomplish this is through a reputable repair company.

Cracked screens, damaged LCDs and water damage are not covered by your iPad’s warranty, so it’s natural that you would automatically think the worst when it comes figuring out the cost of out-of-pocket repair. Thankfully for you, a Nassau Country, Long Island iPad repair specialist probably costs a lot less than you think, and he’ll be a lot more effective than a bag of rice.

iPad Repair

iPad Repair—Don’t Try Fixing It On Your Own

It’s bedtime, and the last thing you have to do before hitting the hay is plug in your iPad so it can charge. Maybe you’ll even set an alarm so you can be up in time for work in the morning. That done, you turn down the covers and say goodnight.

The next morning, you find yourself late for work because the alarm on your iPad never went off. You rush for a shower and breakfast, and on your way out, you grab your iPad, only to find that it won’t turn on – the battery never charged!

While iPads are durable and reliable devices, issues do sometimes arise, such as a charging port that has malfunctioned. These kinds of problems often occur with no notice, leaving you without an iPad when you least expect it.

If you use your tablet for school or work, you’ll feel the pressure of needing a repair more than anybody.

Can You Fix This On Your Own? Probably Not.

Unlike previous generations, we have the ability to jump online and search for cures to all that ail us. Whether you’re suffering from food poisoning, a case of boredom or an iPad that won’t charge, you can usually find a fix (or three) with a simple Google search.

While in the internet is without a doubt a wonderful resource, it can sometimes cause us to overestimate our abilities.

After watching a few YouTube videos, you may feel as if prying/opening up your iPad to swap out the charging dock is as easy as replacing a leaky faucet or installing a new printer. First, have you ever tried replacing a faucet? It’s not nearly as easy as you might think.

Second, an iPad is full of sensitive parts and little pieces. When you open one up, you have to be extremely diligent in what you touch and where you apply pressure to ensure that you don’t cause further damage. Do you think that a how-to guide can really prepare you for that?

Other Common Issues

Another port that you may have trouble with is your headphone jack. Depending on how often you plug in a pair of headphones, this could be an issue that goes a long time before you realize it. And of course, it’s the biggest of inconveniences when you finally need the privacy and can’t take it.

The brain behind your iPad is its motherboard. Unsurprisingly, this is another component that can also fail. Sometimes, issues arise after you’ve dropped your iPad; other times, you might encounter them after accidentally exposing your tablet to water. And of course, there are times when they break with no apparent reason.

When your iPad is out of warranty or you come across a problem that wouldn’t be covered anyway, this is when your imagination tends to run wild. You might think, you’ve already spent several hundred dollars on your iPad, and you don’t want to spend several hundred more to get it fixed.

This is a reasonable response. What isn’t a reasonable response is thinking that you suddenly have the skills and expertise to take apart your tablet and fix it yourself.

The Best Fix for All Models                                                                

No matter whether you’re the owner of a first gen or the latest iPad, there’s really only one thing you should ever consider doing when you’re in for a repair job, and that’s to let an expert handle it.

If, for some reason, you want to kid yourself into thinking that repairs aren’t all that complicated, try Googling a picture of an iPad interior. Take in just how many chips and processors and tiny, tiny parts there are, and then think about how easy it would be to really, really mess things up.

Once you’ve regained your sensibilities, call up a Nassau County iPad repair specialist. Whatever the issue you’re having, they’ve dealt with them before, and they have the skills and parts needed to quickly fix your iPad.

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Repair Sharks – Long Island’s longest running iPhone, iPad, and iPod repair service

There are a lot of claims out there of businesses saying they are the oldest Long Island New York iPhone repair center. Unfortunately for them that just isn’t the case. Since 2006 Repair Sharks has been repairing iDevices and other electronics including Smartphone’s, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. We were the original iPod Repair Guys back then and 5 years ago we decided to change our name to fit the robust offering of devices we now service.

We aren’t limited to just iPods and iPhones anymore. We have serviced tens of thousands of devices from around the world for our customers. Whether you need a simple headphone jack replacement on your iPod or a water damage cleaning on your iPhone 6 the Repair Sharks have been at the forefront of cutting edge repair techniques.

Once upon a time the iPod Repair Guys had a vision of helping just 1% of the broken iPods on the market. We thought if we could help just this small number of people we would make a difference in our community. Offering an affordable solution wasn’t our only goal, we sincerely wanted to do what we do best, help people. Starting as a mail-order only business over 9 years ago gave us the building block for what is known today as Repair Sharks LLC. Skilled technicians, years of experience, and constant reinvestment into the industry with continued knowledge share has built Repair Sharks into one of the nation’s leading iDevice repair centers.

We were rated #1 nationwide in 2014 by topconsumerreviews.com for the best iPhone repair company. A coveted award that we take great pride in. We are continually making upgrades to our services and internal company processes and it shows.  Our customers speak for themselves. With dozens of great reviews from our clients around the country.

Not only do we fix iPhones but are experts in repairing a host of other devices. We can fix that broken Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, LG, Nokia, Blackberry, or even a portable GPS system. Our computer technicians are top-notch and we offer in-home repair services on Long Island and maintenance of your personal computer, netbook, MacBook, imac, or desktop PC.

Additionally we have added some new services including business VOIP integration, network security, company internet monitoring, security camera installation, custom cable fabrication, and even can help you fix a broken appliance in your home.

Have a business, school, hospital, or institution that needs iDevice support? Need to ensure reliability, quality, and professionalism? Repair Sharks LLC. is right for you! We have helped many organizations over the years rollout and support iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones / tablets. Fast repairs done by a company that knows their stuff. Honesty and Integrity are our highest values here and we can support many of your business needs without having on-staff technicians. We can save you time and money!

We cover Long Island, and the 5 Burroughs of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island. We offer three convenient locations in Nassau county and offer on-site repairs by appointment.

How to protect your iPhone from being stolen

How to protect your iPhone from being stolen

Over the years we have heard dozens of stories about our customers iPhones being stolen. There are a variety of ways a thief will target a potential victim and it can be anything from an obvious snatch and grab to more cunning ways. Here are a few stories,  methods, and ways to thwart thieves from stealing your device.

Customer iPhone Theft Attempt #1

One of our adult female customers was walking in a major mall in our area in the middle of the day when two high school aged kids came up to her. They walked up and grabbed her arm and tried yanking the phone out of her hand. The woman screamed, ended up dropping the phone (hence why she was in our shop) and the kids ran. She noticed that it was more than just those two kids involved and actually a pack of kids waiting at the end of the mall wing for the other kids to come back with the phone.  Once they realized the gig was up they all started running different directions through the mall.

What you should do for this type of phone robbery attempt

It is our suggestion that you alert as many people as possible as quickly as possible. In this case the lady screaming shocked and scared the teens into letting go and running off. Once people are aware of the situation most thieves will take off the other direction to avoid any additional confrontation.


Customer iPhone Theft Attempt #2

This attempt deals with high school and college students as the target. Student walks into classroom to find a friend he knew from some other classes. Another student who was friends with his classmate walked up to the victim and started a brief conversation in which he asked if he could borrow his phone to make a call. The victim said yes. While the other student used the phone his classmate began talking to him. While his classmate was talking to him the guy using the phone left the classroom. A minute later the victims classmate also left the room. The two of them never returned back to class and the victim ultimately lost his phone.

What you should do for this type of phone robbery

We seem to hear a lot about snatch type robberies of iPhones. We suggest, and although it can be considered a heartless reaction to someone in need, is to not lend out your phone to someone you don’t know. Thieves don’t care about you, they care about the dollar signs they see you holding in your hand. If you must lend your phone out make sure to do it in a public place and don’t get distracted or walk away from the user.  It’s nice to think there are some moral people in the world, not everyone is a thief looking to steal from you. Use your best judgment, just tell them you’re not comfortable lending out your phone. Better yet, if they are really in need make the call for them and put it on speaker while you hold the phone.

Customer Robbery Attempt #3

This was both a funny and quite real story told by one of our customers. The victim was walking into a Deli and while entering the establishment he pulled out both his phone and wallet.  As he was about to enter the store someone approached him and smoothly pulled both his phone and wallet out of the victims hand. The victim in a panic wrestled with the thief and was able to retrieve what he thought was everything. The victim proceeded to run across the street in a panic. He then went to call the police when he realized he only had his wallet in his hand and not his phone. He looked across the street to see the thief waving at him, “Hey did you forget something.” The victim realized the thief still had his iPhone. He started to chase after the thief and ended up following him into a local apartment building. He was able to call the cops through a concerned citizen. The cops waited outside the building for 3 hours when finally the thief came out and they arrested him.

How to prevent this type of robbery attempt

Our suggestion in this type of event is to not flash your stash. Keep your personal belongings out of site if possible. Use your phone in a well populated area or take it somewhere private. Thieves look for unsuspecting victims. Keep your phone and wallet in your pockets, use a Bluetooth headset if possible.


Here are five General Safety Measures for protecting your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Laptop, or other valuable devices.

  • Stay aware of your environment – Don’t walk around flashing a nice phone in a questionable area
  • Don’t lend out your phone to someone you don’t know
  • Use your iCloud and Find my iPhone apps on your iPhone – This will help track the device if it is stolen.
  • Don’t leave your phone on the table! This includes restaurants, bars, at someone’s house you don’t know well, in your car, in a bag that is unattended, your jacket, or even a school locker. Use common sense. A thief will most likely act when you don’t expect it.
  • Use a passcode on your phone to protect your data. You can at least stop a thief from getting any information off your phone with a simple passcode.

If your Device happens to get stolen

  • Contact local authorities
  • Track the phone if possible
  • Look around for any witnesses
  • Spread the word quickly in the area
  • Contact your phone carrier to alert them of the theft

Stay educated – We all know that phone theft is a big problem worldwide. Stay one step ahead by protecting your assets.  If you happen to run into an issue where your phone breaks during a theft then we are always here to help. Visit repairsharks.com for more information.

These are just a few examples of what types of theft can occur. We have many more stories to share, look forward to future posts! Please always remain careful when dealing with any type of robbery attempt. Going vigilante on a criminal can backfire. Don’t try to fight off a criminal. No device is worth risking your life.

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Even Sharks need Saving

Repair Sharks is in the business of saving our customer’s valued devices. Whether it is a iPhone, iPad, legacy iPod, Gaming Console or even the occasional vacuum cleaner the Repair Sharks know how to fix it right!

Since 2005 when we first came into existence the Repair Sharks have grown into a solid repair force for computers, iDevices, gaming consoles, and more. We have repaired beats headphones, have even had a few customers show up here with Shark Vacuum cleaners mistakenly. We have done many custom soldering repairs for customers with broken wires, auto parts, radios, even video monitors and DVD players.

Even Sharks Need Saving