iPhone Repair is Not That Easy

Spend any reasonable amount of time on YouTube, and you’re sure to come across a how-to video (or ten) for repairing an iPhone. The people who make these videos make it seem very easy to switch out a motherboard or replace a battery.

They also wax prose about how much money you’ll save by completing these tasks on your own. Of course, they never mention what might go wrong and just how much it might cost to fix your iPhone once you’ve messed up.

Making Repairs on Your Own is a Bad Idea

We live in a world where people are encouraged to fix things on their own. Stomach hurt? All you have to do is Google your symptoms to find out what’s wrong. Roof leaking? Watch this 10-minute video, and then you’ll have enough knowledge to play roofer for a few hours.

While there are certainly some things that videos can help you tackle on your own (think fixing leaky faucets, adjusting television settings or making baked chicken), there are other jobs that are better left to professionals.

One such task is that of iPhone repair. Let’s face it: these cell phones are intricate and wondrous pieces of technology. Do you really want to be taking one apart to see what’s going on inside? Would you even know what you were looking at?

An easy way to tell whether or not you should be attempting your own iPhone repair is to ask yourself the question, “If I do what this video tells me to do and it doesn’t fix the issue, will I know what to do next?”

If the answer is no – and let’s be honest, the answer is definitely no – you need to leave the iPhone surgery to a pro.

But The YouTube Kid Made It Look So Easy

Just like with real television, there’s often a lot that happens behind the scenes of most YouTube videos, especially those where the poster is trying to make themselves look good. Did MackDaddy1994 really fix the phone that he says he did? Maybe, but how much footage did he cut out?

And is it really possible to tell if the “fixed” iPhone is really the one that was broken to begin with?

Look: maybe the Mack Daddy really did fix the phone and maybe he’s really posting his video with the best of intentions; that is, to help you save money by teaching you to fix yours on your own. But what happens when your repair job goes amiss? What happens when you can’t figure out how to disconnect a cable or when you lose a screw? Are you going to call Mr. YouTube? No, of course not. You’d be on your own, and worse, you wouldn’t even have a working phone to call for help if Mr. YouTube were accepting calls.

Whether the battery in your iPhone needs replacing, you suspect there’s an issue with the phone’s motherboard or you’re experiencing any other problem, the best thing to do is visit a reputable repair shop. They are the ones who will know which cable to unplug, and they’ll have plenty of spares in the event a screw goes MIA.

Getting the Job Done Right Costs Less in the Long Run

The main reason many people try to make DIY iPhone repairs is because they think they’ll save money. After all, replacing your own battery is only going to cost you a few dollars and an hour of your time, right? That might be the case if you’re lucky. What happens if you accidentally scrape the screen or cause an important-looking chip to fall out?

Despite what YouTube wants you to believe, hiring a Nassau County, Long Island professional who knows what he’s doing is actually the cheaper way of repairing an iPhone. It might cost a little more money, but you’ll save tons of time and frustration. The guys at Repair Sharks are the number 1 iPhone repair nationwide for two years running!

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4 thoughts on “iPhone Repair is Not That Easy

  1. Kael Drake says:

    After attempting to do a few iPhone repairs by myself, I also came to the conclusion that it’s best left in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing! When it comes to fixing such an expensive and important piece of technology, I just don’t trust myself to do it alone. You mentioned that getting the job done right will cost less in the long run, and I second that. After trying to fix my iPhone myself, and doing more harm than good, I had to buy a new phone, when I could have just had it repaired professionally. The next time my phone breaks, I’m going to a professional, without a doubt. Thanks for your post!

  2. Diane Jackson says:

    This is so true. One of the biggest issues of trying to fix your own phone is that you can void a warranty. This makes it so if you mess up there is no one to go to. I think most people have good intentions but I know I have messed up plenty of simple youtube instructions. I don’t want to mess something as vital to my life as my iphone.

  3. Daniel says:

    I agree, repairing iPhone by yourself is not an easy task. I think, in this case we should let the experts do their job and get repaired our damaged iPhone.

  4. Braden Bills says:

    The screen of my phone broke, and I don’t know what to do. I was going to see if I could fix it on my own, but I didn’t realize it was so difficult! I’ll just rely on a professional to handle it for me.

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