iPod Repair—What To Keep In Mind

There are a lot of iPod repair services, but the first question always is “Which one is best?” The word “best” is subjective. It all depends on who you ask. No matter how bad a company is, there will always be someone that will swear by it.

On the other hand, no matter how good a company is, with the best customer service, and best products, there will be at least one person who will tell you he would never do business with that company again.

Common Problems         

A very common problem that happens to a lot of iPod users is that at some point, the iPod gets wet. It can happen from sweat while working out, dropping it into the toilet by accident or a light drop of rain. The exposure to water can be catastrophic. The result is that the iPod could possibly be damaged, sometimes, beyond repair.

If Your iPod Has Been Exposed to Water – iPod Repair Method I

Let’s talk about this and we’ll show you some common steps you can take. Remember that you don’t want to waste too much time waiting, because the water could end up leaking into the inside of your iPod Touch 2, Touch 3, or Touch 4.

These instructions can also be used for your iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Video player, and even the Apple Touch 4.

  1. You need to turn your iPod Touch off immediately, if you still have it on. This is because the potential for permanent damage is high the longer you leave the device on while it is is in contact with water or any wet liquid. The great news is that most      of iPods are relatively thin, when compared with other gadgets. You may be fortunate and be able to avoid any damages, but don’t make assumptions that the water did not leak into the inner parts of your device. Sometimes people call an iPod repair service immediately, and don’t even turn on their device.
  2. If water is spilling on to your iPod Touch, then you’ll want to quickly dry it off, using a piece of cloth. The degree to the damage will depend on how successful you will be in wiping the device completely dry. You can use a paper towel that’s been moistened, with rubbing alcohol to wipe it. The rubbing alcohol will cause the liquids to dry quicker.
  3. Leave your device turned off for at least twenty-four hours. If the liquid exposure was from a minor spill or rain, it will give you some time before there is any intrusion. So, again, you’ll want to be sure to dry your device as best as possible.

If there is any significant water exposure, the device may not turn on after twenty-four hours. If this is the case with your iPod Touch, then you may need to seek additional troubleshooting and iPod repair steps.

This includes looking for replacements under any warranties that you may have bought with the iPod. You have the option of repairing your device yourself, or you can hire the services of a third party provider to begin the process of your iPod repair. The worst case scenario, of course, is that you may need to purchase another iPod Touch.

So there you have it. A few steps to help you prevent any permanent damage to your iPod Touch. Be aware that you do not plug the device into the computer charger or the wall while you have it turned off during the twenty-four hour period. Some people have plugged their device in after it has gotten wet, and this has resulted in catastrophic damages to their poor iPod device.

If Your Ipod Has Been Exposed To Water – Ipod Repair Method II

You may have heard of the Rice or Kitty Litter(Dust Free) Method. Although at first thought it sounds a little odd to use rice or kitty litter, but the basic idea is real simple.

The rice is used as a material for moisture absorbing. The same thing goes for kitty litter(dust free), since most of the rice in today’s supermarkets has some kind of dust that penetrates the devices. So let’s look at this secondary iPod repair method.

3  Steps To Peace Of Mind

Step 1 – Open the back of your device and remove the battery. Depending on what model of iPod you’re dealing with, it may be required for you to use specialized tools in order to be able to take the iPod apart. If you’re trying to fix a model that does not have the removable battery, then you can still try to take it apart, but your chances of success may not be as high since iPods in general are difficult to dissasemble without damaging the components.

Step 2 – Wipe all of the device’s components very carefully with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol is crucial, because it dries the liquid immediately when put on a surface. It helps to dry the surrounding liquids too. After you’re done wiping all of the components off separately, you’ll put them in  plastic back with uncooked rice.

You can also put the uncooked rice or dust free kitty litter in a plastic bowl that is open to the outside air and atmosphere. Because of the hygroscopic composition of the rice, it absorbs any moisture that may be left on your components. So when you’re placing your device into a bag full if dust free kitty litter or rice, it will wick up any remaining moisture from the device. This can help prevent any short circuiting that the liquids may cause when you want to turn it back on.

Step 3 – Leave the device in the bag of dust free kitty litter or rice for about 48 hours. The bag needs to be put in a warm and dry environment. After the 48 hours are gone, you want to check your iPod repair results.

Check carefully to see if there is any water visible. If everything looks good and dry, then begin putting the device components back together into one piece and turn it on. If it turns on and works without any incident for several hours then your iPod repair plan has worked. If not, then it may be time to consider the help of a repair service.

Help! My Device Still Doesn’t Work

So you’ve gone and followed each step carefully and did everything right, but your device still doesn’t work? We service all generations, everything from iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, Apple Touch and more.

Your DIY repair may go horribly wrong at times, and if it does, like it happened to some of our customers who learnt it the hard way, you may have to spend a lot of money to repair your device.

We can handle every single issue with iPod, everything from water damage, audio issues, freezing, cracked glass and more. So check out our iPod repair service today and call us at 1-866-979-IPOD for more information! You can also visit our website here.

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