Why a cheap glass repair on your Samsung Galaxy may cost you more than you thought!

Why a cheap glass repair on your Samsung Galaxy may cost you more than you thought!

Are you the victim of a botched Samsung glass only repair? Do you have unexplained issues with your Galaxy phone after a repair? A lower cost glass only repair could be the cause.

Repair Sharks offers some great services for the Galaxy phones. We have seen our fair share of lower end repairs. We think in order to maintain the phones quality the repair needs to be done correctly. We are capable of offering cheaper glass only repair options but given our experience over the years we would rather you not only leave happy but remain happy with our service. We do not take shortcuts with our repair process however this does come with a price. Quality Samsung Galaxy parts purchased the way they should be are expensive, plain and simple. Quality and price usually go hand in hand but those aren’t the only factors. Having experience makes a huge difference as well. We get calls regularly from customers attempting their own repair with a $6 piece of replacement glass.  This rarely works out properly and the long term issues are always evident with these repairs.

What are the problems with cheap glass repairs on the Samsung Galaxy models?

Well for one most places doing these types of repairs don’t have the real equipment necessary to make this type of repair successful. It can be done but the necessary tools are out of reach for most consumers and repair shops. Equipment costs in excess of 15k are very likely to perform such repairs repeatedly and successfully. A clean room environment for one, an autoclave vacuum machine, hotplates, screen separators, frame assemblers, and the toxic chemicals used to properly complete a repair like this are just a few tools necessary.

Most of the time when a glass only repair is completed on a Samsung the Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive (LOCA) is removed from the phones LCD and glass assembly. Some try to replace it but it doesn’t come out right most of the time. Bubbles, lack of adhesion between the two parts, liquid leaking into other parts of the device are just a few issues. Digitizer problems can occur, LCD issues can occur, and we have even seen screens just fall off the phone. The LOCA is a UV hardened liquid that requires a proper UV oven to harden. We have seen shops using nail salon UV nail hardeners to try and bond a screen. Although this can work it really isn’t the professional solution to repairing a screen.

Other noticeable issues

  • Digitizer problems – Lack of touch in certain areas, random screen clicks, non-working touch panel
  • LCD issues – The LCD is extremely fragile. Many times these screens get scratched, crack, have dead pixels, color bleeding, or get heat damaged during the repair process.
  • Phone Freezing – We have seen many customers who complain their phone will randomly freeze after a glass only repair. This can be attributed to digitizer / touch panel issues or even some other damage that may have occurred during he repair.
  • Screen adherence – Many shops bond the replacement glass back to the LCD using double sided tape around the border. This is a cheap fix and in a few days / weeks this bond can be weakened with hot and cold temperature changes. Since the border is so thin it is difficult to get enough adhesive to bond it correctly.
  • Dirt and Debri – If the LOCA is removed entirely and not replaced as many shops do there is no buffer between the LCD and Digitizer. Instead there is an air gap which can allow dust and debri to enter into the screen area.

Why do shops offer a sub-par repair?

At Repair Sharks we choose full assembly repairs for most cases. This is where we purchase the Glass, Touch Panel / Digitizer, and LCD professionally bonded together as it should be from the factory. This type of part is much more expensive.  Take the S4 for instance. You may find some shops repairing these for $80-100 and others charging $150-200. Why such a difference? The lower priced repair is actually much more profitable for those shops. They can potentially profit $90 on a $100 repair using a $6 piece of glass. The full assembly repairs costing $150-200 have a much lower profit margin with most shops making $40-50 a repair. The right way to fix a $500 phone is the way the manufacturer originally intended. The correct way is to replace the full part and eliminate any after repair issues that may occur.

Why should you choose a quality repair using factory parts?

Once our customers leave our shop with a Samsung Galaxy repair we can usually guarantee they won’t be coming back. Sometimes it’s worth spending a few extra bucks to get something that is a valued part of your day running the way it should be.

If you want someone to fix your expensive device which contains tons of valuable information with a hairdryer and a screwdriver kit from home depot then go to the mall. If you want to ensure the best possible practices are used, the best tools, ESD practices, and equipment then go to a reputable repair center like Repair Sharks!

After seeing many customers come into our shop after a botched glass only repair our goal is to offer only the best service with the same longevity that we would use in our own phones. If our own technicians opt for a factory part then so should you.

Samsung S4 Cracked

If you happened to be a victim of a botched repair job we can most likely help you. Visit our website at www.repairsharks.com and call one of our stores for more information. Drop-off and mail-in services are available and most parts are in stock daily.