iPhone Water Damage – How to Save Your iPhone

We put together a nice article on saving a water damaged iPhone. It discusses a process that includes how to clean out your iPhone after liquid damage occurs, also ways to remove contaminants if you spilled such things as coffee, tea, soda, etc. on your iPhone. It is a multi step process and should only be used at your own discretion. We do not guarantee this will work and it is more drastic than your typical bag of rice drying method. It builds on the rice method with some other techniques that we have found can work.

Typically the first hardware item that goes in water damaged iPod or iPhones is the battery. After trying this method you can test to see if the iPod works by plugging it in to a wall adapter or by connecting to your PC or Mac as described in the article. If it doesn’t power on without the charger connected this is usually indicative of a iPod or iPhone battery issue.

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30 thoughts on “iPhone Water Damage – How to Save Your iPhone

  1. Diana says:

    Replacing a water-damaged iPhone is expensive. Apple states that the warranty does not cover water damage. But your post is really helpful. Thanks buddy.

  2. Samuel says:

    I just rescued my cell phone from the washing machine. Should I leave it to dry naturally or use a hairdryer for best chances of bringing it back to life?

  3. Bruce Snyder says:

    Replacing a water-damaged iPhone is expensive. Apple states that the warranty does not cover water damage. Water will cause it to short-circuit and it will never turn on again.

  4. Daisy says:

    My iphone is not receiving any calls and goes straight to my voicemail. I thought it was water damage so I bought a new phone, but the same problem is happening. Did I change a setting unknowingly?

  5. Jean Shepherd says:

    I’ve had my iphone for 2 weeks and about 3 days ago i dropped it into the sink by total accident. I can’t unlock it because the screen has frozen and then if i turn it off it freezes for up to 6hours on a black screen with the apple logo. How to fix my phone to normal stage?

  6. Mitch Alberto says:

    I dropped my iPhone in bath only there seconds and i took it right away….works fine except no sound but there is sound when earphones plugged in or on speaker phone. What should I do?

  7. Susanne says:

    A faster way of drying out an iPhone that got water damage is to blow dry it. Set the blow dryer on low heat and dry the iPhone for one to two hours. I am sure that this works.

  8. Helene Allison says:

    This happened to me last night, dropped a full pint of water on my iPhone, was absolutely gutted! Still worked when I turned it on but the speaker wasn’t working, I couldn’t hear anything when I rang people. What to do?

  9. Morales says:

    An iPhone can be saved from water damage through leaving it to thoroughly dry out in a warm place, using a hair dryer or leaving the device in a rice bag.

  10. dman says:

    i dropped my ipod touch in the bath but i yook it out right away it was on and is stuck white when i turn it on help

  11. dman says:

    i dropped my ipod touch in the bath but i yook it out right away it was on and is stuck white when i turn it on help

  12. Amir says:

    I’ve accidently dorpped my iphone in water. After a few days drying it, the phone start functioning like usual including making calls,message and running all the programmes, but for every 5 mins, it restart. The same things happen during charging the phone. Can you help me to diagnose the problems. Tq

  13. Marlene Romero says:

    My husband dropped coffee on my phone. I picked it up relativey quickly but it seems some got in there and while it goes on, I cannot view my pics or tap into my applications not make calls. I treasure the pics I have on my phone. Please help! What to do? I put it in rice and hope that I can access my photos 🙂

    Sad in Long Island

    • slacker29 says:

      Give us a call at 516-499-6892. We handle water damaged iPhones. We can diagnose it and let you know what the issue is and make the necessary repairs. Thanks, Dan

  14. Candice Jackson says:

    Yesterday I had on iPhone sitting on the table and I had pineapple soda in a cup on that same table, the soda didn’t spill I think the cup has a little leek in it so when I went to pick up my phone the back screen was wet then it started giving me minor problems like the are where the charger go is acting up when I plus it into the docking station that I have it don’t turn right no like it use to and the sound is super low I mean when I play that music with any speakers or anything the sound is prefect it’s only when I put it on the dock the sound is low, what should I do? Like I said all the sounds is good expect when I put it on the dock even though it plays the sound is super low

    • Repair Sharks says:

      We can clean it out for you and replace the dock cabling inside the iPhone if necessary. I would suggest leaving it turned off until it was properly cleaned so no further damage happens. Feel free to call us at 516-499-6892 or 866-979-4763. Thanks, Repair Sharks

  15. paul says:

    i dropped my ipod touch in water,everything works except the speakers. and it keeps on turning on. will it still work?

  16. Cassondra Brotzman says:

    My husband had his iphone in a life proof case and he accidentally dropped it in the pool he got it out in less than 30 seconds what do we do to save it i mean right now i can hear a dial tone instead of just going to voicemail does that mean its starting to dry out please help we live in branson missouri.

  17. kody rozsi says:

    ok i had a glass of water on my counter then y cat jumped up and knocked te glass of water over and it spilled onto my iphone. now when i try to turn it on all u see is te apple logo but its very light. and you can see little water droplets inside the camera. please email me help asap! thanks

  18. Patrick Hickey says:

    i forgot i had my iPhone in my pocket when i went swimming i was in the pool for about 10 min. Any hope? I have it in a bag of rice right now

  19. lovemyipodtouch says:

    I was with my friend and we had hot chocolate. She didnt drink all hers and put it in my bag. When i got home i noticed that my bag was soaked and realized that my phone and ipod were in there. when i shook them a bunch of it came out. My phone wont turn on and my ipod keeps showing the apple symbol and then shutting off repetedly. What should i do?

  20. Gabbie says:

    I dropped my iPhone in the toilet and I took it out rather quickly and it worked fine except when I made phone calls and played music. I kept it in rice all that night and turned it on the next afternoon and the screen was jacked up! Any suggestions?!

  21. Brittany Nicole says:

    I was eating roman noodles and set the bowl beside my bed and it still had the chicken flavoring in it with some water in it. I fell asleep and work up the next morning and the top of my iPod was in the bowl of chicken flavoring.. I have no idea how long it was sitting in there but it’s been in rice since yesterday. Still wont turn on. Somebody help me I don’t know what to do. :'(

  22. Jon says:

    Recently dropped my iPhone 4 in the toilet. Saved it and let it sit in a bag of rice for 3 days. It turns on when plugged into the wall charger, but only stays on for 3-4 minutes then automatically reboots itself. Thought it was the battery so I took it out and tried plugging it in without the battery and it still reboots. What could be the problem or what needs to be replaced?

  23. ivan says:

    I dropped my iphone in toilet, in urin.I”m keeping him in rice about 6-7 days.When I plugg it electriciti it turns on and then I tipped my password and then it says plugg in itunes, but when i plugged it in computer he won t turn on.
    What should I do?????????????’
    Plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Alex says:

    I spilt coffee on my iphone however i didnt think it got that wet so i just wiped the screen and carried on using it, now it wont turn on atall….I’ve left it in rice hoping this will salvage my poor phone. Maybe next time i’ll be more aware of spilling coffee! Do you suggest anything else for it?

  25. Harry James says:

    If your phones have been water damaged or your iPhone have got dipped into any other fluid be quick and take it to Apple repair center for best repair otherwise if you warranty has expired do reach out to other 3rd party iPhone repair services like the Repair Sharks!

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