What is an iTablet? Pre-release analysis of the new Apple Tablet PC.

The hardware from the new 3rd generation Touch utilizes a modified hardware platform from the 2nd Generation in the 32 and 64gb models which was released a few months ago. I believe the new iTablet is based on a similar SSD storage setup.

They are taking this to the next step with the use of the intel atom processor. My guess is that in a nutshell it’s a glorified iPhone/Touch the size of a netbook with touch screen capabilities using the digitizer technolgoy from the Touch and iPhone. Apple then pairs the advanced hardware with similar software from the iPhone that extends the reach of the Touch and iPhone enabling features not available through the handheld devices.

Having repaired many Touch and iPhones you realize there really isn’t much inside that is user replaceable which overall probably helps keeps costs down significantly by keeping all the components on the board for the most part. From a marketing standpoint it looks like it’s a direct competitor with netbooks.

Yes ladies and gentleman it’s a big iPod Touch. My guess is a $399-499 pricetag.

Consider buying Apple Stock, last time they announced a new product it sold 1 million in less than a month and the stock went up. This product will have a wider audience given it isn’t locked into any carrier agreements but given its pricetag and market I do not suspect it will hit that number out of the gate. It will however add a new area to their lineup which is a lower cost platform and new target audience for Apple to market towards.

This is just my guess seeing what specs have been released as well as some of the photos. My guess tells me that it will sit somewhere between an iPod Touch/iPhone and a laptop.  Strangely similar to a netbook  wouldn’t you say? It even looks like a giant iPod Touch.

4 thoughts on “What is an iTablet? Pre-release analysis of the new Apple Tablet PC.

  1. Jeffrey Saba says:

    Good post. Where can I learn about the Apple iPad? I am planning to buy ipad. So do you know which is the best place to buy that? I need some discount too.

  2. Frederick Paul says:

    Recently apple has sold more than one million ipads. I will be ordering a 3g version when it arrives in the UK. I travel a lot, so I suspect it will be worth the purchase for that alone.

  3. Jason Lawrence says:

    $1000 is average price for a tablet pc.. just with the apple version you actually get what you pay for!

  4. Simpson says:

    The iPad is simple to use. Especially if you already have an iPhone or iTouch, there is no learning curve at all.

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