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iPod and iPhone Repair Services by the Sharks

Repair Sharks has been working hard at helping its customers. With our recent expansion into our new office local customers have been getting a first hand look at the Repair Sharks repair process. Local walk-in business has been helping us grow and we are thankful for all the wonderful referrals from our past customers. This […]

iPhone Water Damage – How to Save Your iPhone

Water damage can strike at any minute. Learn proven techniques for saving your iPhone or iPod Touch after disaster strikes. iPhone’s are sensitive any any water damage that occurs can cause catastrophe. Following these steps may prevent your iPhone from certain death.

Repair Sharks, saving the environment one iPod at a time.

Environmentally Friendly iPod Repair ¬†Small electronics have increasingly filling our landfills with tons and tons of useless garbage. According to the EPA, 4.6 million tons of e-waste are dumped into US landfills each year. As we become more environmentally aware it is important that we utilize every resource we have to keeping our planet clean. […]

Apple iPod Repair Advantages

It is often questioned whether it makes sense to purchase a new iPod or repair an old one. We always want the latest and greatest devices to add to our arsenal of portable media weaponry. When it comes time to weigh the cost and benefit of repair over that of replacement we need to consider […]