Repairing your iPod or iPhone – iPod Opening Tools

Repair Sharks parts are all inclusive.  Opening tools are included with all our iPod and iPhone parts. We ship two non-marring iPod opening tools in every package. These tools are provided to allow for a scratch resistant method of opening your iPod.  The tools are meant to take the damage rather than the delicate outer casing of your iPod or iPhone.

iPods and iPhones can sometimes be tough to open, we recommend additional tools that may help to open your device successfully.

Small screwdrivers – Flat head sizes 1.0 – 3.0, Phillips sizes 000 – 0

Razor blade – Single Edge Razor Blade

Guitar Picks – Thin guitar picks work well for opening an iPod

Opening your iPhone may require different techniques or tools not listed.

Repair sharks does not take any responsibility for damage you may cause due to opening or repairing your iPod. If you need assistance it is recommended to let a professional install the parts for you.

7 thoughts on “Repairing your iPod or iPhone – iPod Opening Tools

  1. Nelson says:

    Can I get these repairing tools? I am hearing about this tools for the first time. It is really helpful in those situations when opening of iphone become difficult.

  2. Shiney Wilson says:

    My ipod is locked and all it says is enter code. I don’t have a code to unlock it and I was wondering how do i unlock it so I can continue enjoying my ipod ?

  3. Sylvia Daniel says:

    What is orange iPod opening tools? I heard it from internet. Is it good to open Ipods? Where can I get it?

  4. Tina Willis says:

    I was looking for this ipod opening tools. With the help of this we can do some troubleshooting jobs by ourselves without going to service center. Thanks a lot repairsharks.

    • slacker29 says:

      They will only break your iPod if you don’t know what you are doing. We use a combination of tools on every repair. Just like with anything involving tools, you need to use them properly to be effective. Fixing these devices takes a lot of training and practice to learn the proper techniques.

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