iPod Battery – Benefits of replacing your battery

We often get asked if it makes sense to replace a working iPod battery. The answer to this question depends on a few factors. The iPod battery can typically last year’s inside your iPod however over time you may start to notice that your iPod play time starts to diminish. If you are a regular user of your iPod and enjoy getting a full day’s worth of playback then you may want to consider replacing your battery after a few years of use.

Everyone uses their iPod differently, if you are a constant video watcher or if you like to let your iPod run through for long periods of time then changing your iPod battery can be a good idea. The new replacement batteries available on the market allow for even longer runtime than your original battery in many cases. New iPod battery technology allows for larger capacity batteries to fit into the same space within your iPod. The new Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion technology used in today’s modern batteries can supply your iPod with long lasting playback of all your music and videos.

There are a few other reasons to change your battery. Just like any other battery the iPod battery is no different.   Constant and repeated charging cycles can deplete your iPod battery capacity resulting in less playback ability. Leaving your iPod sitting around for long periods of time will also deplete the battery, usually within a week or two you will notice less battery power than when you started.  iPods also like to have a decent charge to operate properly. This is particularly evident in the hard drive based iPods where adequate power is necessary to fully operate the iPod Hard Drive. The newer iPod Touch screen models utilize large LCD screens which can also run down your battery if constantly used. Constant use of applications, games, and the Wi-Fi mode can also attribute to battery loss.

iPod Battery replacement is an affordable option for the consumer. It is relatively inexpensive to replace your battery and you can ensure you will get a long life out of your iPod. Experienced and professional repair centers can replace your battery quickly without causing any damage to your iPod or other internal components.

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7 thoughts on “iPod Battery – Benefits of replacing your battery

  1. Nelson Brock says:

    I thought I was losing it when I seemed to notice that my iPod wasn’t playing as long as it used to. This explains a lot.

  2. Edna Gomez says:

    How can I charge ipod battery through computer? Do I need to download specific tool from apple? I cannot find the source to download.

  3. Bradley Winter says:

    My ipod shutdown and never turn on again even if I charge and switch it on?? what is the common poblem with this?

  4. Lillie says:

    My ipod would not charge kept saying low battery, so I fitted a new one. Now it won’t charge either? What to do? Please help me.

  5. Hamnet says:

    Faulty iPod batteries often spell the end of usefulness for the device. How to increase your iPod battery life ?

  6. Gregg Lowe says:

    Hello. My ipod battery is now leaking. I used my ipod for more than six year and didn’t changed the battery yet. But now there is a leak from top. What to do? Is there anyone who faced the same problem? Does this problem quits if I change my ipod battery?

  7. Mccarthy says:

    Do you know any idea to extend the battery life of ipod? Mine can hold charge for one and half days only. What may be the problem and how to rectify this?

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