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It’s important that our customers are informed as to how we handle every device we receive. The below is a breakdown of our repair process and the steps we take to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


You might have read on our website that we handle each repair as if it was our own. Well you can believe it. Our pride is in our work and every repair is handled as if it were unique. We are not an assembly line of repair techs but rather a team dedicated to one thing, your happiness. With that comes individual attention to detail whether it before, during, or after your repair experience with us.


Here at iPod Repair Guys we also understand the nuances of the web. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with all our services and are constantly striving to improve our site appearance and structure in order to bring you an easy to use interface. We also understand some of the concerns you might have when dealing with a repair center such as ours. So please don’t hesitate to ask us anything regarding your repair or our processes.


Setting up a repair


Setting up a repair request is easy. In most cases repair requests can be handled via our Free Diagnostic Service or Repair Services links on our website.  


Mail-in Diagnostic Service – Free!


What is Diagnostic Service and when should I choose this option?


Diagnostic Service can encompass most repair requests. If you are uncertain what your repair may entail or what is wrong with your iPod this is the service for you.


Our diagnostic service includes the following:


1.      Free Diagnostics of your device – We thoroughly test your device and prepare for our next step the repair quote.

2.       Repair Quote – We outline all your options for repair and provide you with a written quote prior to us performing the work. This allows you to make the decision whether you would like to repair your iPod or not.  We welcome interaction with our customers and encourage them to reach out to us if they have any questions. We will do the same on our end so don’t be surprised if we call you to discuss your repair.

3.      Making the needed repairs – Upon receiving your repair quote confirmation we will make all the necessary repairs.

4.      Testing your iPod – We put your iPod through a series of tests to ensure it is working correctly and that there are no further issues with the unit.

5.      Shipping it back to you – Getting your iPod back in your hands in just a few short days is our goal. Most of our repairs are completed same day as receipt and shipped out the next day. As with all our repairs return shipping is included!


Mail-in Repair Service Option


What is the repair service option and when should I choose this?


Our second repair option is for those of you that know what is wrong with your device. With this option you can use our easy iPod identification tool and identify the service and costs for a particular repair.  As our business is constantly evolving we may not display all our repair services on our website. In that case, please contact us for a direct quote for repair. We stock over a 1,000 products and our procurement team is ready and able to find most any part available for your repair.


  1. Choose ‘iPod Repair Services’ from the left toolbar on our homepage
  2.  Choose your iPod Version – Our graphic interface makes it easy to find the right repair services for your version iPod
  3. Select your repair services
  4. Choose how to get it to us – We offer two ways to get your iPod to us. The first, you mail it in to us, the second we mail you the packaging and postage to get it to us. It’s that simple.
  5. Complete Checkout – We offer secure and reliable payment via Paypal. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal accounts. Your information is important to us and that’s why we keep your financials where it belongs in your hands. We do not have access to your credit card or banking information.


Self-Repair Option


The Self-Repair Option is offered to customers who are confident with their repair skills and would just like to purchase a replacement part. We offer a wide array of products for 1st through 6th Generation iPod’s, Nano, Mini, Touch, and iPhone. Please browse our parts catalog on our website or contact us if there is a product you are looking for which you don’t see. There is a good chance we have it.  


Useful links


iPod Diagnostic Service

iPod Repair Service



We know how much it means to our customers to actually speak to a human sometimes. Please feel free to call us or write to us with questions.



Thank you,

The Guys

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  1. ralf says:

    I am not going to take the self repair option.Because if something happens to my phone due to my fault i cannot blame any other guy.

  2. iPod Repair Guys says:

    We offer free diagnostics and return shipping with all repairs. Our repair prices include all the fees to get your iPod repaired and sent back to you quickly.

    iPod Repair Guys offers fast turnaround on all repairs. We stock thousands of iPod parts for all generations.

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