Protecting your iPod – 5 Tips for Keeping your iPod Safe

With the ease of portability of your iPod it is essential to take proper care of the device to ensure long life and the hopes that you will never need a service such as ours. We know this is sort of working against our business but our customers are important to us. We are here for you if you need us but for obvious reasons it’s even better for you if you don’t.


Here are some steps to ensure your device will be working for years to come.


  1. Keep it in a case – There are a variety of cases available for iPod’s but we recommend one with padding or a hard outer shell. There are benefits to both types.
    1. Padded case which is usually found on sport model cases will cushion your device in case of a drop or collision and will help protect your hard drive, screen, and mainboard from shock damage. The fallback of some of these cases (material based) is that moisture can sometimes penetrate especially after long periods of time in rain or a wet climate.
    2. Hard Case – These cases lock around the device and provide a good barrier for moisture penetration around the shell of the iPod case. These also protect the screen from scratches and normal wear and tear. These types of cases offer limited shock protection however since they are generally made of a hard plastic.
  2. Limit shock damage – iPod shock is one of the leading causes of damage. You can easily crack your LCD, damage your hard drive, and mainboard. Internally the components are extremely delicate and just the right jolt can do significant damage. It isn’t uncommon for multiple components to break during a hard fall.
  3. Water is your enemy – We have seen many water damaged iPods. Repairs can range from a battery replacement to a combination of parts including the mainboard, LCD, and Hard Drive due to liquid exposure. Keep your iPod dry at all costs. They aren’t water tight and there are multiple points of entry for moisture.
  4. Backup, backup, backup – We can’t stress this enough. With any hard drive based device it is absolutely necessary to keep a duplicate of your important files stored safely. Whether it is a PC or iPod regular backups should be scheduled. At iPod Repair Guys our repair specialists are experienced PC technicians as well. They report the number one cause of customer headaches is hard drive failure. An external hard drive can make up backing up simple and give you peace of mind every day that you don’t have to worry about losing your important data.
  5. Watch the connectors and jacks – The headphone jack can be damaged easily so use caution when inserting your headphones and audio/video cables. Stress on the jack can cause the internal connectors to not make solid contact and result in the loss of audio quality, loss of the left or right channel, or all audio. The bottom dock connectors are easily stressed and damaged as well. Be careful inserting and removing your dock cables. Damage to this connector generally results in full mainboard replacement.


As always iPod Repair Sharks is here to make your repair experience a little less painful. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding repair of your iPod or visit our website at

9 thoughts on “Protecting your iPod – 5 Tips for Keeping your iPod Safe

  1. nathali says:

    You must really have to follow these instructions because i just lost the display due to my unawareness.It fell into water last day.

  2. iPod Repair Guys says:

    Water damage can be catastrophic. We use a 3 stage water damaged repair process to remove oxidation and protect the components. Many times batteries are the first cause of a water damaged iPod not working but there are also instances when board damage cannot be repaired due to excessive corrosion.

    Battery damage can occur a few ways. Using non-OEM approved chargers or adapters can cause batteries to diminish. We have also found that some original installed batteries are not of the same caliber of the new replacement batteries. Old iPods can be refreshed with a new battery that replaces the older worn battery. Some batteries we have also seen leaking causing a potential fire hazard.

  3. Malinda Sider says:

    Good tips. My iPod’s fast forward button is stuck. It just goes through all of my songs and won’t stop to play, but it does pause. How can I fix it?

  4. Annabelle says:

    Great tips. My Daughter’s Ipod Shuffle has an orange flashing light, the ipod has deleted all her songs, she has tried to load them up again. But no way. It failed. any ideas?

  5. Marvin says:

    Which is the best case for keeping iPhone safe? It can be leather or plastic. Can you recommend an online store too? I am living in California.

  6. Esther Pratt says:

    When traveling with an iPod, always keep it in sight. Never lose track of it. If you keep it in your pocket, check it regularly to make sure it’s still there. I missed my ipod while traveling.

  7. Leonard says:

    I am looking for a case for my ipod. I can’t find anyone that suits good for it. I need your help? I heard that your store has the best case for ipods, iphones etc. Do you?

  8. Jason says:

    My Ipod 3g had contact with water, and works fine except for the backlight no longer works. I replaced the LCD screen but didn’t fix problem. Any suggestions?

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