The No-Bull Repair Service

Don’t be fooled, even though our prices are one of the most competitive you will find on the web our service is also one of the best customer focused experiences you will have with a repair facility. We have built many great relationships with our clientele and look forward to talking with anyone looking for repair advice. We offer the no “bull” experience. We are honest and straightforward with everyone we deal with and that’s not just talk. We will do our very best to keep costs down for you while not compromising quality.

To be honest sometimes we work on our customers individual iPods for a few hours to ensure they test properly under all conditions including continuous playback over long periods. iPods can be tricky devices sometimes and we like to make sure we hand back a device that will work long after it is repaired. We are not a 15 minute repair shop. Do you really want someone that handles your valuable data and precious iPod as if it was a five dollar calculator? We don’t think so and are pretty sure you don’t either.

We aren’t in the business of bashing our competition but we also like to tell it like it is. Don’t be fooled by repair shops offering “free labor.” I mean do you think anyone would be in business if they gave away all their services? Of course not, the prices of the parts include the labor charges. We choose to break down that cost for you. It helps our customers save money when they are just looking for parts or in retrospect certain cases when extensive work is needed. For example, water damaged units can sometimes have multiple issues depending on the severity. We can clean and de-oxidize the mainboards, repair certain types of damaged battery connectors, and clean dirt and debris. You would be surprised how much corrosion can happen from just a little bit of moisture inside an iPod. The de-oxidation process can be harmful to certain components if not handled correctly. We take the necessary precautions to prevent and minimize collateral damage to iPods while reconditioning them.

“Handling your iPod like it’s our own” isn’t just a statement we make, it’s what we practice and believe in.

A great business isn’t built with large volumes of mediocre service. It’s built with great service all the time.

We know that sometimes issues arise after repair and that is why with iPod Repair Guys you won’t be left hanging with your concerns. We are not a one-off repair factory we look to build our most valuable asset with every repair and parts sale, customer loyalty. That is why with repair and parts from iPod Repair Guys you are covered. Give us a try you won’t be disappointed.

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8 thoughts on “The No-Bull Repair Service

  1. rodick says:

    I just lost the display of my ipod.How can i get help from the company?.What is the way to contact them?

  2. iPod Repair Guys says:

    We have always offered free diagnostics and shipping with our repairs. Repairs usually take place after the warranty has expired or in cases with water damage or physical neglect in which we can repair these items not covered under warranty. We encourage our customers to use their warranty if possible but we are here as a out of warranty solution.

    We can replace the display on your iPod. Please contact us with the information below.

    Phone: 1-866-979-4763

  3. Ormila says:

    I appreciate your support staff for giving better support for customers like us, Keep it up. Thanks a lot.

  4. Annabelle says:

    Yeah, your prices are really good one and affordable. The key thing is the free shipping charge for the repairs. I need to contact your in matter associated with my ipod. I will call you asap.

  5. Chandra says:

    Customer satisfaction is the main thing in business. You are giving it. My friend was really satisfied with your service. Good company.

  6. Sherell Premo says:

    The processor is tagged as somewhat recent design amount but it and also the GPU are likely the similar pace since the 3GS. The old Contact with the similar CPU and GPU as the 3G was quicker. Besides getting the clock speed turned up higher the Touch has much less software programs to run since it is not a telephone. It ought to do more than any iPhone to this day in performance.

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