OnePlus 5T – 2017 is back!

OnePlus 5T - 2017 is back!

It goes without mentioning that OnePlus has been doing a wonderful job to bring quality smartphones into the market, with top-notch features and yet setting the prices to the least compared to other flagships smartphones. However, with the OnePlus 5 the company had a few fingers pointed at them considering a few draw backs that reflected in the smartphone.

It hit us by a shock when we started hearing news about a new smartphone from OnePlus after having the OnePlus 5 released in June 2017. The Chinese company made a comeback by finally announcing the OnePlus 5T after just a few months of the OnePlus 5. Long as the 5T is concerned, things are promising and we’ll go through all the changes that has been brought to the phone as follows


2017 has been the year of smaller bezel phones and OnePlus had a tough time with the 5 delivering the expected. With the 5T they just the mark by thinning down the side bezels and lowering down the top and the bottom bezels.

The OnePlus 5T now delivers a 6-inch 1080p AMOLED display. The 1080p still sounds a bit outdated considering the competition but truth be told, not a big enough downgrade is reflected with the display. On the bright side, the lower resolution can save some battery juice, which is obvious from the battery life that the phone delivers. The screen to body ration is 2:1 with a resolution of 2160×1080, there are no apps compatibility issue, however, the bezels are apparent while watching a video.


Overall, the feel and touch of the material is just like the OnePlus 5. The slightly curved body and the dual camera with a huge bump are still there. The fingerprint scanner is now moved to the back, located just on top of the OnePlus logo. OnePlus had kept the finger print at the front of the phone until now to keep the back of the phone empty and simple, however, with lower bezels it was inevitable for them to move the finger print scanner at the back.

Moreover, the buttons are exceptionally good with a crisp touch and feel. The slider at the side for putting the phone on silent vibration mode are still there. OnePlus has mentioned that the OnePlus 5T is not water resistant, however, the phone does a wonderful job against water. Adding on, the headphone jack is still there, so we still have the luxury of keeping away from extension wires.


The OnePlus 5T has a similar orientation of the cameras keeping two cameras at the back. Previously, one of the cameras had a normal lens while the secondary camera had a telephoto lens. With the 5T, OnePlus has decided to replace the telephoto lens with a normal 20MP camera F 1.7 for better results in lowlight. The company further explains that in situation where the light intensity is lower than 10 lux, the camera will shift to the secondary shooter and merge 4 pixels into 1 to avoid grainy pictures. This technology is being called Intelligent Pixel Technology.

Face Recognition

Yes! You read it right, the OnePlus 5T now packs up the ability of unlocking the phone with face recognition and it does such an amazing job that at times it feels like the phone is being unlocked automatically. The Face Recognition without any doubt is 5 times faster than that of the iPhone X.

Unlike the iPhone X, the user of the OnePlus 5T can unlock the phone using face recognition or the fingerprint scanner. Whichever feels more convenient to the user.

Conclusion – OnePlus 5T or not?

The OnePlus 5T is one of the most practical phones of 2017 in our opinion. It delivers all the latest functionalities and most of all an extremely smooth interface that by the way is the Oxygen OS on top of Android Oreo. There is a 64GB version with 6GB of RAM and a 128GB version with 8GB of RAM, the starting price is $499, which is an amazing place to start with.