Automobiles and Technology

Automobiles and Technology 3

Technology has been evolving and is being absorbed into any industry our lives revolve around. Automotive industry is one of the several industries that has embraced and welcomed the existence of technology with open arms. Thinking about the industry over the past 2 decades we can see a huge development uplift with regard to safety, entertainment and experience.

With the jump of tech based companies such as Tesla has actually made several vehicle manufacturers realize where the future is headed when it comes to producing quality vehicles. Let’s shed some light over the latest technologies that are being developed or that have already made it into real life vehicles.

Electronic Sun Visor

If you have ever driven in bright sunlight you would definitely know that sunlight is not an ally of drivers. Several tactics have been used and implemented but they haven’t quite resolved the issue.

automobiles and technology

Volkswagen, more commonly known as VW, has recently introduced an electronic anti-glare system that can tackle the rays of sunlight from hitting directly the eyes of the driver. The actual mechanism that it works with is by feeding the spots that are being hit on the windscreen to a computer that produces a dark spot on the glass instead of producing a glare.

Brake Assisting System

According to Association for Safe International Road Travel, nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes every year. However, road safety and precautions are being implemented around the world but human errors still cause several accidents to happen. The issue can be only address by computing power.

Mercedes, a well-known German automobile manufacturer, took the initiative of taking over the resolution of the problem and the solution they came up with is called the brake assisting system which can sense an imminent accident and the vehicle autonomously applies the brake in order to avoid the collision.

Software Applications

Smartphone applications are being used to help control a vehicle. This is an extremely ergonomic addition to the way people operate their vehicles, for instance, imagine a situation where you wake up and you start your vehicle for it to warm up before you can drive off to work.

These applications can help with Parking Assistance which also known as auto parking system, which can sense the size of the car and the location that it is being parked in. Moreover, they can allow you to connect to a Wi-Fi connection on the go or any available hotspots providing information about the nearby fuel pumps, hotels or restaurants etc.

These applications also include GPS or the global positioning system that can help with navigation in far better and efficient way by providing traffic details and the shorted route to one’s destination.