The Future of Wearable Tech

Apple iWatch - The Future of Wearable Tech

Technology has been seeping into our lives in different shapes and ways. The ease and convenience that technology is adding into our lives is undeniably a treat for us. Technology has made it possible for engraving multiple functionalities in our lives, thinking of the smart phone, it is a combination of a telephone, a phone book, a directory, a camera so on and so forth. Similarly, smart watches have recently been introduced into our lives to add another wow! factor into our lives.

The first smart watch came into the arena back in the year 2014, after Samsung introduced their first Tizen powered smart watch. The competition was continued by the introduction of LG and Motorola’s android smart watches. Apple has been fairly late with their first move after they introduced the Apple watch in April, 2015. Let’s shed some light over the current situation and the future of wearable tech.

Why do I need a Smart Watch?

This is the question that might hit your mind if you are thinking of making your move into the Smart Watch world. The use of Smart Watches can be categorized under two umbrellas, notification devices and health trackers. Ever since, the introduction of the watches, the basic idea or goal behind them is vague. As long as their current use is concerned, they are not a good choice keeping in mind the fact that all the smart watches in the market are at an average price range of $250.

It has been 4 years since the introduction of the first smart watch and there hasn’t been any large scale advancement in the sector. There are multiple other factors that may keep one from buying a smart watch. Battery life being one of them, Even though there is not much a smart watch these days can accomplish, it barely lasts for a few hours as compared to a traditional wrist watch. Charging a smart watch twice a day might not seem like a good idea to many including myself.

What to Expect?

The world of technology is fairly different when it comes to the definition of the actual use of a product. Thinking of a smart phone, as users we never thought it would evolve in a way that it would make our lives as dependent on them as they are right now. Several tasks that we used our Personal Computers for initially are now being handled with the aid of smart phone.

Long story short, smart watches can be the center of our lives when we are able to accomplish more with their use. One such application where smart watches are being thought of as a key is Internet of things or IoT. The idea of controlling each and every light bulb and appliance with the help of a smart watch is truly intimidating and highly attractive.

The year 2017 is being called the year of wearable tech, with several companies floating teasers of their upcoming smart watches. We have our fingers crossed to see what they will surprise us with.