Google Clips

Google Clips

When it comes to setting standards and more importantly newer trends, Google has always been a step ahead in the game. Whether they are software or hardware enhancements, Google has proved itself based on its innovative ideas and going a step ahead from its competitors.

Last month Google announced its first mini camera known as the Google Clips. However, it is not a standard camera that we use daily, Google has added its magic and it is clearly turning a lot of heads towards it. Google has been all about Machine Learning with its latest releases and the story is similar with that of the Google Clips.

Google Clips – The Introduction

The Google Clips is a camera with brains integrated, which means it takes pictures automatically whenever it spots a special event happening. The camera by default takes videos that are comprised of 7 seconds, which can be trimmed to a smaller video size, still pictures or Google’s motion pictures format. An LED light located right at the front of the square shaped camera blinks which indicates that the camera is recording.

If you are wondering whether it delivers the features that Google has explained then you would be amazed to know that it does a much better job. The facial recognition allows for you to choose the people you want to be photographed and not only people but even your pets. The camera also has the ability of taking blurry pictures by detecting fast moving objects and avoiding taking pictures in those situations. Moreover, it can learn overtime which means it will start doing a better job over a period.

Long as specifications are concerns, the Clips comes with a 130 Degrees 12 Mega-Pixel Camera and 8 Gigs of storage. The downside here is that the camera lacks a microphone, since the Google Clips is designed to take photos, it should have had a microphone.

Google thinks that the camera is best suited for parents or pet parents who would like to capture the special moments of their family. However, the camera doesn’t take high quality images as one would expect from a smartphone.

Several potential users have privacy concerns with the way Google Clips work. In reply to these concerns Google has assured that the pictures taking by the camera are only stored on the camera and can be transferred to the paired device over WiFi. We’ll be in a better place to comment on this after using the camera for a while and knowing the actual way of operation.