Industrial Computers – Why are they the next big thing?

Industrial Computers - Why are they the next big thing?

Every part of our live has started revolving around the need for computers and automation. The shift from an analogue way of life to an automated way of life has been quite sudden. Computing has become an integral part of industries, but the needs for the right hardware are most certainly different. It is due to the changing requirements and needs at the industrial level that escalated the need for industrial computers.

What are Industrial Computers?

Industrial Computers may have the same specifications of the PC that normal consumers use at home. The difference however is in the materials that are used in making these computers. For an industrial computer, the materials that go into making chips is made to be tougher, for it to withstand rough conditions like dust, high temperate, humidity, power surges, vibration, burglary, long operation hours and the list goes on.

How can Industrial Computer be useful today?

Computers are everywhere, the reason behind this is because our lives have started depending on computing to much larger extent as compared to our dependency on them 10 or even 5 years ago. Imagine a situation the main server of a bank goes down due elevated temperature, the damage could be huge, not only to the organization but to that of the consumers as well. Industrial computers are designed to withstand hot temperatures with the help of heat-sinks and ventilation.

Factories and heavy industries tend to use computers in conditions that a normal computer cannot withstand, therefore having computers that can work flawlessly in tough situations could be the right pick for them. Industrial computers use stainless steel and conform with IP66 protection that keeps it safe against dust and water damage.

Computers are being used for operating and managing outdoor tasks, take a car parking booth for an instance. The parking booth is programmed to allow only members and people who pay for the parking ticket, therefore, the computer operating this should be secure enough to keep an unauthorized person from having access to the system. Similarly, outdoor conditions may also apply which includes rain, dust, dirt of all kind etc. Moreover, the booth must be connected to a ticketing machine and multiple sensors to ensure that only the authorized cars can pass.

A modern industrial computer, can cater for all the applications mentioned above. These computers come with protection against rough natural conditions which are mentioned above. Adding on, these computers have multiple ports for it to be interfaced with multiple sub-systems. Moreover, the connectors, for instance USB ports are covered with physical locks that helps with keeping the security and integrity of the system intact.