Xbox One vs. Xbox One S

Xbox One vs. Xbox One S

Microsoft has been lagging in the gaming arena with the Xbox One, especially after Sony took some serious steps to make the PlayStation come right on top of its competition. Microsoft recently announced news about the introduction of a successor to the Xbox One, which they are calling the Xbox One S. Let’s have a look at what makes the Xbox One S worth buying and how it upgrades from the Xbox One.

Aesthetics vs. Fundamentals

Fundamentally the Xbox One S is the same as that of the Xbox One. When it comes to having a look at the inside of the console, you can expect the same CPU, GPU and RAM configurations. The frequency of the GPU is increased a notch, but that hardly makes a difference when it comes to gaming.

Aesthetics are where the Xbox One S makes things not just a little but a lot interesting. The form-factor of the console has been reduced by a surprising 40 percent. There is no need to worry about the huge power supply hanging around with the power cable, instead it is placed within the console.

Instead of the glossy plastic finish, the Xbox One S now comes in a more premium designed matt finish. The white and black color combination gives it the star trooper look. Overall, the Xbox One S is better looking than the Xbox One is every way.

Controller and 4K!

Most of the gamers when comparing the Sony PlayStation with the Xbox complain about the Xbox’s controller. Microsoft came up with a new controller that has a matt touch to it that makes it more grippy. Adding up to this the thumb sticks on the controller are now made up of a tougher material.

The 4K doesn’t help the Xbox One S with gaming, significantly. In fact, you will not be able to see any difference at all if your Television or Monitor does not support 4K. With a 4K display, the Xbox has the capability of upscaling a 1080p video or game to 4K that makes it sharper and crisp on the eye.

Besides the Xbox’s gaming capabilities, it can be used as a cheaper Blu Ray player. The console does a great fine job when it comes to handling 4K and HDR content, the only disappointment here is that the Xbox One S doesn’t support Dolby Atmos Audio and it will take a hit while using Netflix.


The Xbox One S is upgraded in every way one can think of when being compared to the Xbox One. The fact that it can play 4K so flawlessly alone is a good enough reason to buy one. When it comes to gaming, there may not be a huge upgrade but these days a gaming console is thought of as a multimedia device.

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  1. Nickolas Banks says:

    I am using Xbox one from last year and it is amazing only their controller should be more grippy but soon I was going to buy Xbox one S but after reading this I am changing my mind to continue with my Xbox one. thanks for the information, It is very helpful for me.

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