Samsung Galaxy S9 Review – Close to Perfection

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review - Close to Perfection

It has been a while since Samsung released their flagship smartphone, which goes by the name of Samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung has kept the flags of innovation high to shape the market for their products. We took our time and reviewed the Galaxy S9 to find the strengths and the weaknesses of the phone by far it seems like the best that Samsung has ever produced.

There are some key improvements in the phone that not only makes it one of the best in the Samsung Galaxy lineup, but it also ranks on top of its competitors. Following are the key points that gives the Galaxy S9 a solid standing.

Diverting the Focus

Finally, the focus towards hardware is mellowing down and instead the focus is being diverted towards the use of the phenomenal hardware that is being engraved in modern smartphones. In a market that is based entirely on the size of “megapixels”.

Instead of adding bigger megapixels, Samsung focused on the dual-aperture technology which improved the low-light quality of the camera, significantly. Adding up to this, the camera brings in the 3D virtual avatars that can mimic your facial expressions.

Smooth as Butter

The combination of Samsung skin and the Exynos processors which is the name for Snapdragon processors in U.S has done a great job when it came producing powerful smartphones. However, they have not been able to provide that smooth experience, until Galaxy S9 was produced.

The Galaxy S9 is not only fast, it’s incredibly responsive and tremendously smooth.

Hitting the Sweet Spot

The level of happiness would have been on a record high, had Samsung added a bigger battery or marginally more frequency into the processors. Instead, the Galaxy S9 fixed what came as a shortcoming in the previous version, for instance, positioning the fingerprint scanner for better reach and improving the software experience which matters more than anything else.

Phenomenal Display

The Galaxy S9 is pretty like the Galaxy S8, which is not a bad thing at all. The display on the S8 has been unbeatable and the legacy has been maintained with the S9. The Galaxy S9 now offers a proper landscape mode that makes up for anything that resolves around the display.

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