Google – The “Anti-Diversity” Paradigm

Google – The “Anti-Diversity” Paradigm 2

Gender and race discrimination has been one of the biggest concerns globally and in the U.S particularly. While most may agree that the issue has addresses and catered for, a wide majority think otherwise about the issue. Recently, a similar incident took place at Google, where a senior software engineer wrote a 10-page long memo about how the gender gap at the tech-giant is the result of biological differences between men and women.

The memo took a hype soon after several employees expressed their opinions about it on social media, some agreeing to the statement and denoting the author as “bold” while several people resenting the ideology and showing their opposing feelings about the memo and the thoughts of the author.

The tech giant and a unicorn in the Silicon Valley has had several issues with gender diversity in the past, but realizing the fact that the male employees are bold enough to state that women are not capable enough to take up a job in the tech world is uncomfortable and alarming. Reports have shown that Google does take part in the discriminate acts since the workforce at the biggest search engine comprises of 56 percent white and 69 percent male.

Department of Labor had filed a case against Google, earlier this year, based on proof that the company is underpaying the female employees as compared to the male employees. The conclusion is yet to be revealed but Google is one of three big Silicon Valley organizations who have faced discrimination claims over the past year.

Google has been trying hard to escape from the abyss of gender discrimination which is evident from the statement by its new Vice President of Diversity, Danielle Brown, responding to the memo by stating that she “found that it advanced incorrect assumptions about gender,” moreover she said “viewpoint that I or this company endorses, promotes or encourages.”

This is not the first time that tech companies have been targeted of gender inequality. The allegations have included Silicon Valley giant including Uber and Tesla for sexism at workplace. The issue has been raised at several instances but fades away after a period unless something like this event comes under the spotlight.

Although having such thoughts is a concern for the government and the department of labor but at the end of the day these thoughts are limited to a just a handful of people. Also, it is completely normal if people have opinions about a subject matter. However, what matters the most are the measures being taken against stopping such actions being taken by tech companies.