Artificial Intelligence – The Key to Unemployment?

Artificial Intelligence

Our world revolves around the technological advancements and progression. Over the past decade alone, the life of a common man has changed upside down in a positive way due to the emergence of technology. Think of a smartphone, 20 years ago, who would have thought that a device that fits inside your pocket could be as powerful as a supercomputer.

While people may argue that technology has brought positive changes to a human’s life, some righteously feel that it is bringing harm to the employment opportunities for humans. Artificial Intelligence is one such technology which is thought of as a disaster and a replacement for several jobs that currently require the assistance of a human being.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Brain is the power intelligent and smart part of a human body, scientists have tried to mimic the functionality of the brain but they hadn’t succeeded until the concept of Artificial Intelligence was formed.

Artificial Intelligence, briefly put, is giving the intelligence of a human brain to a machine or a computer, which means that it can be used to make robots intelligent enough to compete against a human being. The brain controls each part of a human body and it learns from experiences over a period, from birth up till a certain age and that is why humans grow to become more intelligent. Artificial Intelligence is a similar concept where a robot can learn in an environment for which it is designed, however, a robot doesn’t require any sleep or food and thus, it can learn at a much faster pace.

Artificial Intelligence – The key to Unemployment?

With the development of artificial intelligence, the employment opportunities for human beings will without any doubt start becoming thin. However, it will not have a negative effect on every type of job available to humans. There are proficiencies of a machine over a human being and the other way around, jobs that require following a procedure or routine are most likely to be replaced. Alternatively, jobs that require critical thinking and innovation are least prone for replacement, for instance, a writer, an entrepreneur, a leader, an artist etc.

As per statistics, 47% of the jobs will be replaced by robots with the help of artificial intelligence. Heavy industries are already replacing humans with robots, the automobile industry for example prefer using robots for manufacturing automobiles to reduce the chance for human errors.

OpenAI, a company developed by Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and an entrepreneur developed an AI Bot that competed against multiple professional gamers. The bot totally outplayed the gamers and the developers claimed that it took the program a total of 2 weeks’ time to prepare for the competition.

Some things may seem impossible when thought of right now, but there may be more opportunities for AI to concur. Long as humans are concerned, we are designed to adjust to every situation. Humans may lose certain jobs, but with the development of AI there will be multiple other openings that will make up for the loss.

by Repair Sharks