Movi Phone – Phone with Built-in Projector

Movi Phone - Phone with Built-in Projector

Smartphones are getting smarter, faster and better every day that passes by. Come to think of all the things that the modern smartphone has replaced, the phonebook, the telephone, a full-fledge media device and even a camera. All these functionalities and features packed within a pocket sizes device.

At the CES 2018, a company named Wireless Mobi Solution introduced their smartphone which they are calling Movi Phone. The company took a hit at replacing the stand-alone projector with the help of the Movi. Let’s dig deeper into the hardware and software aspects of the Movi to know what it is capable of offering.

Movi Phone – Impressions

The idea of connecting a projector to a phone isn’t new – Motorola took a shot at a similar concept by introduction a mod “Insta-Share Projector” which could connect to the Moto Z series and several other phones introduced by the company. However, the mod alone cost $300 which made things out of budget for people.

The Movi Phone has a 5.5-inch FHD Display that offers 1920 x 1080 resolution and is powered by the MediaTek 6750 Processor. On the top of the phone we have a built-in Pico Projector that has the capability of projecting 720p images up to 200 inches in size. The project can be turned on from within the projector application that comes within the phone right out of the box. The Movi Phone runs on the Android 7.0 Nougat which is a good sign when it comes to software upgrades.

The Movi packs in a 4000 mAh battery that will last 4 hours with the projector turned on. The company claims that the battery will last 22.1 hours on Talk-time and will last 285.2 hours when left idle. In the camera department, the Movi has 13MP shooter on the back and an 8MP secondary camera on the front. Just underneath the camera, there is a fingerprint scanner that can cover you with regards to security and Google Pay.

Movi Phone – Conclusion

The Movi Phone is a good attempt at bringing an innovative idea into the market. The problem however is that people are looking for a smartphone that is self-sufficient overall. Having one functionality only limits the number of users who would be willing to switch to the phone.

The display on the phone is not entirely impressive and the base model offers only a 3GB RAM configuration which is lacking when it comes to smartphones like the One Plus 5T. The Movi Phone costs $600 which is a humble start for the company, but will it stand against the smartphones already in the market?