Future of 3D Printing

Future of 3D Printing

Technology has slowly and gradually become the key pillar of progress and development in our lives. It is acting as the ship that is letting us move away from the traditional way of life to a more future-centric and easy way of living. The adaptation of technology has helped us solve several problems that could have been otherwise impossible to fight against, such as that of nature.

One such technology is that of 3D Printing and ever since its debut in the tech-world there has been quite a lot of developments that are helping us towards a better way of life. Following are a few things that will help understand what the future of 3D printing in actual holds.

3D Manufactured – Final Parts

In its initial phases 3D Printing was primarily being used for the purpose of prototyping. It helped lower the gap between the actual product and thus, helped with lowering the gap of understanding between the customer and developers. This was back when 3D printed products were only to be made of plastic.

Thanks to development in the field, 3D manufactured products are now being used as production ready parts. One of the biggest examples is the propeller developed by GE’s, aviation division. The propeller is being used in an aircraft and is considered as a better option in terms of cost and manufacturing.

3D manufactured parts are far superior as compared to that of the parts that are conventionally produced when it comes to effective use of raw materials. Consider the example of propeller, if it was to be developed in an industrial scale it would require several chunks of metal, which would eventually waste a lot of raw material. When it comes to 3D printing, there is no misuse, only the required amount of raw material is few to the 3D printer which casts it into the exact shape.

Decreasing the Gap between Production & Consumption

When thinking about the cost of a certain product or commodity, there are several things that contribute towards the price of the product. Travel cost is one of things that significantly increase the cost. Adding up to this, NASA has invested towards 3D manufactured parts which would help manufacture parts in space rather than going for the conventional supply which would require flying a space craft to the desired location. This is not even costlier, but will also require a much longer time-period.

Edible Products

Malnutrition is one of the most common causes of deaths in the modern world that we live in. According to WHO (World Health Organization) 5.6 million children under the age of 5 years died in 2016. This translates into 15 000 under-five deaths per day. The quality of naturally produced food is being affected due to climate change and increase in the number of diseases.

3D Printed food products is just the right answer for this. 3D Manufactured food will help provide the right amount of nutrition to the users and developing food using this method will automatically resolve the issue of supplying it anywhere in the universe which in-turn will lower the packaging cost and help with lowering the waste which is produced with the disposal of the packaging materials.