iPod Headphone Jack Repair

If you are one of the many iPod users with a bad left or right audio channel or even no audio at all you are not alone. Frequent use of the iPod headphone jack can deteriorate sound quality as the jack wears down. The issue is common in iPod headphone jacks as most users plug and unplug their headphones repeatedly over the course of its life. Bending or twisting of the cable can damage the jack by exerting unnatural force on the internal contact points. Damage can also occur by excerpting force while you are plugging or unplugging the iPod. The internal mounts for the jack are plastic and excessive force can dame this area.

In some instances you may lose all audio from both channels of the iPod headphones. Two different issues can exist when this occurs. The first is that the jack is completely dead or it has become disconnected internally. The second is a more extreme damage and can also occur easily if you are not careful using your iPod. This is iPod logic board damage. The audio channels on the iPod logic board or as some call it the Mainboard can be damaged by electrical surge or shock, reverse input (putting an output cable into the headphone jack input), mismatched cables, or exists from other issues within the iPod circuitry. For personal users this issue is usually more difficult to diagnose. Professional repair centers can offer diagnostics on your iPod to determine the root cause of the audio problem.

Repairing an iPod Headphone Jack varies from one iPod generation to the next. Each generation iPod model typically has its own specific headphone jack.  Some of the newer models such as the iPod Touch require soldering to the logic board. The iPod Nano headphone jacks are very tough to work with as their size is very small. Headphone jack sizes also vary between sizes of standard iPods. For instance if you have a 30GB iPod Video the headphone jack would have a smaller riser than the 60 or 80GB iPod Video models. The angle of the headphone jack also differs on some iPod Video and iPod Classic models Refer with a professional iPod repair center for the correct part and installation advice.

Repair Sharks offers headphone jack replacement on most iPod Versions. We can solder and de-solder any new battery into place in our repair shop. We also stock many iPod headphone jack versions. Contact us today for a quote on a price or part.

14 thoughts on “iPod Headphone Jack Repair

  1. Steve says:

    My iPod Headphones stopped working in one ear. It is within 30 days. Does anyone have the Apple Support Phone Number? I need to make it back to normal condition.

  2. Frederick says:

    The headphone jack on my wife’s 5th generation 30gb ipod appears to be loose. What to do? Can I find a solution if I contact you. Please help me.

  3. Gianni Shepp says:

    I think my 30gb video ipod is corrupted, is there any way to fix it without buying a brand new one? I need your help.

  4. Dexter says:

    The headphone jack on my wife’s 5th generation 30gb ipod appears to be loose. She thought that her headphones were broken because one channel was not working. I swapped out the headphones and had the same problem. Anyone else have the same problem? Any idea how much it costs? Any info would be great.

  5. Phillips says:

    Hi, I live in the USA, i just wanna knok how much will cost me to replace te scream i my ipod. classic 39gb. Thank You

  6. Peter Hudson says:

    @Philips – You can buy a new one than repairing it. It will cost you more. if you don’t have the budget to buy new one, u can buy a used one from ebay store.

  7. Douglas says:

    I’ve got the 4th Generation Ipod, which has a small jack problem. The warranty has expired. What is the 4th Gen jack like? Is there a spring that possible fell out etc? What is the cost of new jack?

  8. Bryan says:

    I bought a new ipod some months back. Now the headphones are working but the sound volume is very low. How to fix this. Do I need to buy a new one? Or can I get this repaired?

    • slacker29 says:

      We repair many headphone jacks here. We can install a new working jack for you. This should clear up the audio issues you are having. We are located in NY and you can ship the iPod to us. We offer free diagnostics, return shipping, warranty. Visit our main website, http://www.repairsharks.com to sign up for our free diagnostics service. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 5416-499-6892. Sincerely, Dan

  9. Michelle Malone says:

    My son’s IPod Touch, 3rd Generation is having a problem with the headphone jack. The guy at the Apple store put alcohol in it and it worked fine for a day now it is acting up again. Now he says it could be the connection and he needs a new IPod. Never heard of such crap that something like that cannot be replaced. Can you verify or give me a quote to fix this?

    • slacker29 says:

      We can repair that issue for you. The cost is $65.00 for a new headphone jack, installation, and warranty. Please call our repair center or come in to our walk-in location in Great Neck. Our number is 516-499-6892. You can also mail it to us if that is more convenient. Thank you, Dan

    • admin says:

      Tough repair, which generation iPod Nano do you have? If you want give us a call and we can make any recommendations we have for you.

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