iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 – What’s new in smartphones?

What’s Upcoming with the New iPhone 7S and iPhone 8

Rumors are rife regarding the upcoming and much-anticipated iPhone 7S and all-new iPhone 8. For iPhone aficionados, the question looms: what can we look forward to with the new variation and the brand new model?

Next Up: the iPhone 7S?

iphone 7s

Marking the tenth anniversary of its original iPhone, the next offering in the iPhone line-up will be the iPhone 7S. With an anticipated release date of September 2017, the iPhone 7S will probably cost about the same as the iPhone 7 (currently top-of-the-line) but will include some features.

Some experts speculate that the 7S might be skipped altogether, and Apple might go straight to the eight for this year’s release. Proponents of this idea point to the ten-year anniversary as an impetus to go big with a brand new model, entirely skipping the S variant which has traditionally been released as an essential half-step between models.

Those who disbelieve this rumor point to Apple’s very predictable past, which has included the announcement of a “next-step” phone in the first week of every September (hence the anticipated September release) and the consistent release of an S-model before a new numerical model.

Regardless of how it ends up being numbered, the next model is heavily rumored (based on information leaks in the supply chain for Apple products) to feature an OLED screen rather than the current LCD approach.  OLED stands for “Organic Light-Emitting Diode,” and the new technology works without the need for backlight. The resulting display includes deeper levels of black, and the unit can be both lighter and thinner than the LCD to which we are accustomed.

Several companies have begun using OLED technology in television and computer screens, but Samsung is the only major manufacturer of smart phones to have made the cross-over from LCD to OLED screens thus far. Even if Apple goes straight to the eight, OLED screens have been ordered in mass quantities and will certainly be featured in the next phone!

Looking Forward to the iPhone 8

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Many folks hope that the rumors are true, and that the iPhone 8 will make its appearance this September!  According to sources in Apple’s supply chain, the new phone itself will be similar in size to the iPhone 7, but the screen will be bigger. How does that work?

The “home” button will be removed from the unit’s front (replaced by technology with 3D sensory perception) so the screen can cover the entire front of the phone.

The 3D sensor itself is generating plenty of buzz, being comprised of a new design of front-facing camera combined with an infrared sensor. Not only will this provide a new level of security (think facial recognition instead of thumbprint scanning), but it will also be able to take three-dimensional selfies and scans, and will be put to use in mobile games.

The phone itself is purportedly sporting a new sort of design, with a stainless steel housing (rather than aluminum frame) and glass on both the front and the back.  Because the OLED screen is uniquely suited to curvature, there is also speculation that the phone itself might be designed with a curve built in.

On top of all this, Apple has listened to its consumers and promised to fulfill the most frequent request: namely, a bigger battery with significantly longer life.

Look for additional features that may include technology for wireless charging and improved capabilities for AI (Artificial Intelligence). Perhaps Siri will have a smarter successor!

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  1. kevin gornishteyn says:

    iPhone 7S have some good new feature and it’s look amazing. iPhone 7S new feature attract iPhone user.But iPhone is beast brand which upcoming and everyone thinking about iPhone 8 brand

    • admin says:

      The new iPhone 8 could change a lot for Apple. Rumors speculate they are moving to Type C chargers which is quickly becoming the industry standard. We won’t know all the features for sure until they release the details.

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