Color swap kits available for iPhone 4 and 4s models at Repair Sharks

Repair Sharks offers a variety of color options to spice up your iPhone 4 or 4s. We can change the color on your iPhone to reflect your style. Many color styles and options are available for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint iPhone 4 and 4s models. We will replace both your front and back casing to your desired color. We also do custom work to make your iPhone unique. Color swaps on iPhones are popular these days and Repair Sharks is one of the leaders in iPhone repairs. We are the trusted repair source for many hospitals, schools, and other organizations.

Check out some of our color combinations that you can choose from. We offer Pink, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, and a few different mirrored colors. All colors are subject to availability.

We can service a variety of issues with the iPhone models. Water damage, audio headphone jack issues, board problems, front glass touch panels, LCD’s, home buttons, volume and vibrate control problems, bottom dock usb issues and more.

iPhone 4/4s Color Conversion

Contact us today to take advantage of our Free Diagnostics or to request a color swap for your Apple iPhone 4 or 4s model.

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  1. Taylor Flowers says:

    I wanted to know how much it would be to get the Light Blue or Mirror Purple Color swap plates. Do you just send me the colors or do I have to send my phone in, because its a gift and I just wanted to order the plates.

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