iPad Repair– Methods You Can Use

Before you opt for the services of an iPad repair company, you may want to consider trying to repair it yourself. In some instances, iPad users have been able to repair their own device, and save a lot of money to boot.

We believe in not only offering the best customer service experience, but we also want to make your life easier. That means we don’t mind sharing tips and ways to help you do your own repair.  It’s all about helping you get the most out of your iPad experience.

iPad Repair Act 1: How To Fix Frozen Screens

At some point in time, your device may start freezing every once in a while. Some people refer to this as a crash, because the home button does not respond, nor does the touch screen or the sleep/wake button. It’s really annoying and it can cause some people to worry if their device will ever work properly again.

If Your Screen Freezes Do The Following:

Restart the device by pressing and holding down the sleep/wake button for 10 seconds or until the red slider displays. Slide it across and close the device down. Then, restart the device by hitting the sleep/wake button on the top of the unit until you see the Apple logo.

Reset your device. If your device did not work when you restarted it, then you’ll have to reset the device. You are able to do this by hitting the sleep/wake button and the home button together for fifteen seconds. This will cause the iPad to reset.

iPad Repair Tip: Restoring the iPad

If neither of the above suggestions work and your iPad is still unresponsive, then you’ll have to restore the device to the factory settings.

Let’s look at these steps;

  1. Be sure to have a USB 2.0 connector cable and the updated version of iTunes.
  2. Connect your PC or Mac to the iPad. Then launch the iTunes application.
  3. In the Devices area choose the iPad icon. Then click the summary tab and hit the restore button.
  4. When the system prompts you, click the Back Up button so that you can save all of your iPad’s settings and media.
  5. Hit the Restore button.
  6. This action will do a restoration to your iPad’s default factory settings. It will begin to install the lateset firmware and iPad operation system. Once it’s done, your iPad will be ready to restart.
  7. You’re now able to restore all of your media and settings from the last back up you did. Then, you’ll click Continue. The device should be up and running again.

iPad Repair Act 2: My iPad Won’t Turn On

Perhaps you’ve got an iPad that just won’t turn on. It used to work fine, there were no freezes or crashes, but for some reason now the device will not come back on.

There’s no need to panic over this issue. Most likely, the device is in the suspend mode. This means that the device is waiting for a response. In these situations, press the sleep/wake button or the home button for activation. Although, it is very likely that the iPad is completely turned off which can also be the case when some people first discover that their iPad just will not turn on. The following three steps will work for any iPad including iPad 1, iPad 2, and iPad 3.

3 Simple Steps To Blast Through Your iPad Woes

iPad Repair Tip1: Hold down the wake/suspend and home button simultaneously. You’ll then see the Apple logo display on the screen after about 10 seconds or so. This means that your device is booting up. You should be ready to go in just a few more seconds.

iPad Repair Tip 2: If your device does not boot up after 10 seconds or so, your battery may need to be charged. There’s a 30-pin connector cable and adapter that enables you to plug the device into your wall outlet. You’ll use this to charge up your device instead of plugging it into your Mac or PC. After giving it at least 45 minutes to charge, try repeating the first step again. Your device should boot up just fine after that.

iPad Repair Tip 3: If your device still does not turn on, then there may be a hardware issue at play. The quickest solution is to go to your nearest Apple store or seek the services of an iPad repair service. If you do go to an Apple store, you can definitely find some helpful employees that can troubleshoot your problem. Keep in mind, though, that the fees and prices may be very expensive, when compared to a third party iPad repair service.

Saving Your Battery Life

Although the battery has about ten hours of life, for some it is not enough. They are on the go all day and need something to last as long as possible. There’s nothing worse than trying to watch a movie and your battery juice is low. So here are a few tips to help you maximize on your battery charge.

  1. Make adjustments to the brightness of the iPad. There is an auto-brightness feature that enables you to tune your device, depending upon the quality of light within the room. In case you are not comfortable with the auto-brightness feature, you can go into the settings and change the brightness of your iPad.
  2. Turn off the GPS. The 3G iPad      models are equipped with GPS. Most people don’t use the location services on this device as much as they may use them on iPhones. Turning off the GPS will be an easy and quick way to save your battery life. If you do      need GPS you can always turn it back on by clicking on the settings option.

These are just a few tips that can help you fix your iPad problems. For any repairs, be sure of what you’re doing. If something goes wrong, you may end up spending a lot of money on repairing/replacing your iPad.

Of course there are many more types of repair issues that are beyond the scope of this article. We repair cracked glass, water damage for all iPad models. Currently we also do custom swabs for iPad 2 so don’t hesitate to drop us a line and check out our iPad repair services.

If you have questions regarding iPad repair or would like to get any of the iPad models repaired professionally please contact the Repair Sharks, www.repairsharks.com .


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