Desktop PC Cases

Desktop users and in particular gamers are always in search for a desktop case that is something that can help them achieve that can not only serve the purpose of housing the components that combine together in making the perfect Desktop. However, finding the right combination of a desktop case with reference to design, portability (for some), and capacity is an unending quest for the users. In this article, we are going to contribute by reviewing some of the best cases that we think would be perfect for people who prefer using their desktop computers for all purposes.

Fractal Design Node E202


Ever heard about the saying, “With Simplicity comes great beauty.” If you haven’t yet heard about it, then you should certainly check out the Node E202 desktop case by Fractal Design. The simple and stylish case consists of a square chassis that consists of two USB 3.0 ports at the front alongside two 3.5mm Speakers and Mic ports. The body can be placed vertically or horizontally, so if you are short on space and you still prefer having the case on your tablet then you can easily get that done with this flexibly designed PC case.

The first thing that might hit your mind about the Node E202, is that the small body won’t allow the flow of air in and out, which would result in producing heat and eventually damaging the components. This is totally not the case with this particular case. Along with the space for a Mini-ITX motherboard, a dual slot GPU and several other goodies that some people like to have on their PC, such as, a sound card. There is plenty of space for thermal vents to keep the warm air out of the box and letting fresh air inside the body. With the strategic placements of the air filters, you should rest assure that your CPU is going to stay dust free and you would need to clean up your components every now and then to ensure their proper working.


Fractal Design Core 500

Fractal Design has been kind enough to release another PC case for people who are in search for a compact body, yet they are not prepared for making any compromises in selecting the components that might not fit into small PC cases. The Core 500 supports the ITX motherboard, similar to that of the NODE E202, it consists of 2 PCI brackets and gamers would be delighted to know that the body comes with a built-in fan that has been designed and installed in a way to effectively keep the hot air out of the rectangular body of the case.

Magnetic dust filters are layered over the vents that ensure that the dust stays out of the body. This helps in keeping your PC components clean for a longer period of time and also lets them work efficiently. For people who would not like to be restricted to having multiple Hard Disk drives, the core 500 can be an amazing pick, the case lets you place a 2.5” SSD and a HDD at the same time.


The Node E202 and the Core 500 are both designed for different purposes, which may vary from one person to another based on what a user would like to use his/her PC for. Both the cases are amazing in terms of quality, make sure you pick the one that suits the level of portability you are looking for.