Limited Staff Announcement – November 9th through 23rd 2009

Repair Guys would like to congratulate Dan our head repair guy and owner of Repair Guys on his November 7th wedding!

We will be operating with limited staff from November 9th through the 23rd while Dan is on his honeymoon. There may be a delay of 48-72 hours in responding to your parts or repair inquiry but rest assured all orders will be handled with care by our staff while he is gone. Any shipments of iPods will be secured daily. We will have a technician on staff throughout the two weeks making repairs however you may not be able to reach us on our 800 number while Dan is on his vacation.  Please leave a message or send us an email as we will have access to both throughout the two weeks.


The Guys – soon to be The Sharks!

5 thoughts on “Limited Staff Announcement – November 9th through 23rd 2009

  1. Anoj says:

    I congratulate you on your wedding and wish you half of the most beautiful things in the world. The other half I’ll leave for me.

  2. Nelson says:

    Congrats Dan and wish you a happy and prosperous married life. I appreciate you guys to inform this news. Now a days companies are not doing or publishing their office issues, I mean technical related to public. But you have a good mind. I appreciate.

  3. Tyrone Sokoloski says:

    Hello Dan, Happy married life. Wedding is one of the most important and precious moment in one’s life. Well I have a problem with my iPod. Can I contact you now ? Will you be able to return it back after service.

  4. Eve Sedberry says:

    Congrats Dan. Did this affected your business at all. Are you guys now in full swing. I mean in working. What about Dan ? Did he joined back after marriage. Anyway you guys are doing well. Keep going.

  5. Latasha says:

    How many members do your company has now? How is the business going? Do your guys have prior experience in mobile phone servicing.

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