iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Glass and LCD Repair Information

iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Generation Repair Information Both the new iPhone 4 and Touch 4th Generation pose new challenges on the repair front. Apple has created yet another list of repair obstacles with its latest additions. Different from previous models the process of replacing the Front Glass, Digitizer, and LCD on the new Apple 4 models take on a new approach as we see the integration of the LCD panel into the Front Glass.

Front glass integration is no new thing to Apple as this style was used in the iPhone 2G. Would be home repair technicians soon found out how difficult it was to actually replace the Front Glass without needing to replace the LCD at the same time on the 2G. It is possible to remove the LCD from the Front Glass but next to impossible to do it without damaging other parts. Let’s be honest, trying to pry off a glued paper thin LCD screen off another piece of thin glass is not the easiest task. Even with heat the removal process is both time consuming and messy. Even if you are lucky enough to get it off how do you get it back on to the new Front Glass? Many times you will incur other damage from attempting such a replacement. The most logical step is to avoid this problem completely and to replace them together as one part which eliminates the separation and re-adhesion process. This method is more expensive but when you weigh in the time and work involved it is more economical to do it this way.

At Repair Sharks we have the complete solution. We provide Front Glass and LCD assemblies that are pre-built and ready for replacement. Although replacing even these components is very difficult it does make the job a little easier on our end and our self-installation customer base. This method also provides our customers with a factory finish that is dust and debris free.

Repair Sharks is available for drop-off or mail in service of your iPhone or iPod Touch. We can expedite any order to meet your needs and can provide Priority and Overnight shipping on any repair. Visit our website at http://www.repairsharks.com for more information. We can also be reached by phone or email.

Web: http://www.repairsharks.com

Phone – 1-866-979-4763

Email – support@repairsharks.com

26 thoughts on “iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Glass and LCD Repair Information

  1. Erick Bouza says:

    Good morning,

    I have a iTouch 4th gen which is less than a week old and my glass has cracked. How much will it cost to order a replacement screen?

    Thank you,

    Erick Bouza

  2. Shaun Egan says:

    Can you repair the front glass on my Iphone 4? How much will it be? Do you have a store location on Long Island? Not willing to mail phone anywhere…

  3. Annabelle Reid says:

    Hello i have broken my ipod well i just walked out of my bedroom and my ipod slipped out of my hand and i really wanted to fix my ipod because i had only had it for at least 7 days and i was so upset because it was my birthday present. any way will u be able to fix it and how much will it cost also where will it be fixed and one last question and how long will it take.

  4. micayla says:

    I have a Ipod touch 4th gemeration and i dropped it and the whole frint class is shattered even by the camera.. how much would it cist to replace..?

    • Repair Sharks says:

      Glass and LCD prices change every few months. I suggest calling us for current pricing when you are ready to repair the phone. We can be reached at 516-499-6892 or 866-979-4763. Thank you.

  5. Hannah says:

    My IPod touch 4th generation’s screen has cracked in the top right corner and bottom left corner. I can see te hardware inside and I’m scared if I break it anymore I won’t be able to get it to work again. How much would this cost?

    • slacker29 says:

      We have a repair for that. It’s currently around $85.00 for the repair which includes parts, labor, warranty, and return shipping. Give us a call with any questions, 516-499-6892.

  6. Caia says:

    Any suggestions on good tape/glue to keep the iPod together? I replaced the front panel, which went well, but now the front and rear part won’t stay together. I used 3M tape.

  7. NITA says:

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  9. Robbie says:

    My screen cracked on my 4th gen iPod I know the glass can be fixed but can you guys make the white part blood red?

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