Replacing or Repairing iPhone 5S Home Button

Apparently there have been issues reporting with replacing an iPhone 5s home button. Due to the finger print ID recognition capability and security features put in place to protect those ID’s the information stored in the home buttons chips must match that of the A7 processor on the phones logic board.

In other words when you swap a home button you will lose the fingerprint recognition feature. The other features of the home button will still work when a new one is installed but fingerprint recognition will be lost unfortunately. We don’t necessarily think this is a big problem but for the few that are actually using this feature it might be a disappointment to those looking to save a lot of money by using a iPhone repair center. The only other option that we see available to fix this problem is to get another iPhone. Since the home button is a regular problem with these phones and our shops are already seeing home button repairs on the 5s we think it was a slick move by Apple to do this and steer more people into replacing their phones over repairing them. Time to add more useless electronics to landfills!

We are now repairing a number of issues on the 5s including; screens, water damage, and power buttons. We have also started repairs on the iPhone 5c as well. Give Repair Sharks a call if you have any questions about a 5, 5s, or 5c repair.

iPhone 5s Home Button Repair

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