Benefits of Repairing a Notebook / Computer over Replacing

There are many options for repairing your computer these days. You could go to your local shop, ship it to a reputable repair center, or even try a repair on your own. With the cost of entry level laptops at the sub $500 mark consumers are choosing to replace more often than not. Why not just go out and buy a newer laptop rather than sinking money into an older model? We fail to ask ourselves just why do we need a newer laptop?

What are the benefits of repairing or upgrading over replacing?

  • Saving your existing data – Migrating data from an old computer to a new computer can be time consuming and consumers might not always know how to do this properly. If you are uncertain on how to backup a computer properly you may spend both time and money trying to recover such data onto a new computer
  • New hardware isn’t always better – Looking at some of the older Macbooks compared to newer models many of them are capable of handling the software available today. We are still seeing Intel i3, i5, and i7 chips just as we were five years ago. Although these chips may be a bit faster or have larger cache it doesn’t always make a huge difference in performance. In other words you may be replacing an older model with newer model of similar technology. There is a reason why a Macbook that has a few years on it still has a significant value, it still does what it is supposed to do.
  • Upgrading can make a big difference – Upgrading an existing laptop may give you the performance edge you are looking for. Adding more RAM or a Solid State Hard Drive could provide you with even better performance than buying a newer model at a fraction of the cost.

What types of issues can be repaired for less than replacing the entire computer?

Cracked Front Glass – On many Macbooks the front glass can be replaced for much less than replacing the unit or even going to Apple directly for a repair. A quality repair center can replace this for you quickly and without much headache.

Damaged LCD screen – LCD screen replacement can be performed on most model laptops and save you a great deal of money. LCD screens vary in price depending on model and technology used. Typically we see today LCD, LED, and Retina Display’s on laptops.

Water Damage – Surprisingly enough a qualified repair shop can handle these types of repairs. Repair Sharks actually has the equipment, technicians, and know-how to repair motherboards and water damaged computer components.

Keyboards and missing keys – Keyboards go bad, keys go missing. This isn’t the end of the world and it doesn’t mean you need a new computer. In fact a keyboard is a regular repair and can be done fast and affordably.

DVD / Bluray Drives – DVD drives can go foul and replacing them is a straightforward drive for a qualified technician.

Power / Charging ports – Charging ports can get bent, crack, or just go bad from overuse. Replacing the port on your computer can bring it back to life and end the frustration you have with using your laptop. The ports for most models are readily available and can be replaced. Some are soldered to the motherboard, others uses cabling or sister boards to attach to the motherboard.

Bad or Dying batteries – Laptop batteries go bad often. The battery has a typical lifespan of 2-3 years with regular use. Replacing your battery can refresh your notebook and provide solid power for your device to run on. Proper power for your laptop is essential.

Virus / Software issues – Software issues can be very time consuming, annoying, and intrusive. A clean up of your PC or notebook can get everything running smooth again. Regular maintenance is necessary on computers. We use them all the time, we install lots of programs and visit tons of websites. It’s natural to need a clean up every now and again.

What models can be repaired?

Most model laptops have availability for replacement parts. In some cases very old laptops might be difficult to find parts for but for the large majority there are parts. Here is a list of some common laptop manufacturers that can generally be repaired.

Computer Manufacturers

AcerAsusDellHewlett-Packard (HP)Lenovo
Google ChromebookSharpLGFujitsuFalcon
NECVIAeMachinesPhilipsOrigin PC



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  1. June Robinson says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the benefits listed of repairing a laptop or computer over buying a new one. I remember a few years ago when my dad’s computer broke and he bought a new one. He was excited initially but soon was disappointed that everything was lost, after he had paid a lot of money. I hope others will learn from him and this article and have their computer fixed. Thanks for the information.

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