Samsung Galaxy S6 Release and Design

With news of Samsung releasing the Galaxy S6 in the next few months users are waiting for the next big thing. Those that were disappointed with some of the S5’s features are patiently awaiting a potential design change. Many users hoped there would be a curved design to the S5’s face allowing users a smoother use of the phone as it rests against your head. This may be what’s coming. Although speculators are assuming there will be a redesign no one is yet certain as to what it will be.

What we hope to see

  • Thinner design as in Galaxy Alpha which is thinner than the S5
  • Potential for a curved face to contour the phone against your ear and mouth. The design may even incorporate a flexible screen design.
  • Metal frame – moving toward lightweight metal and away from their plastic frame
  • Higher resolution – On par with the Note 4
  • Slightly larger screen than its predecessor the Galaxy S5

We are not sure what performance enhancements will be made yet. We will revisit this once the phone is released and see what exactly Samsung did change across the board.

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