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XBOX Repairs


Expert Xbox console repair services by the Repair Sharks. We can repair most issues with the Xbox!

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Microsoft Xbox Console  Repair Services

At Repair Sharks we have been repairing Xbox consoles for over seven years. We can fix just about any issue with the Xbox console from DVD drive issues, overheating, Hard Drive replacement, and Red Ring of Death.

Consoles we repair

  • Xbox 360 original
  • Xbox 360 Slim
  • Xbox One (call for repairs)

Issues we repair

  • Red Ring of Death
  • Overheating
  • DVD Drive issues including: Open Tray, Bad Lasers, Jammed or Stuck disk tray, and full drive replacement.

Working on the Xbox takes a certain level of expertise and knowledge. We do not use cheap repair methods and use one of the highest quality reball systems on the market. Our equipment standards set us apart from most repair centers allowing us to offer a true fix for your broken Xbox.

You can either mail in your Xbox or drop it off at one of our locations. Reball services typically take 1-2 weeks to complete as we test, repair, and retest the consoles over time to ensure longevity of our repairs.


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