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iPhone 5s Repairs


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Repair Sharks iPhone 5s repair service is top notch. We have repaired just about every issue with the iPhone 5s including; front glass and LCD replacements, battery replacement, dock and charging ports, audio and headphone jack problems, water damage, frame bends, and more.

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Repair Sharks started by repairing the iPhone 2g back in 2007 when it was released. The design has come a long way and so have the repair services since then. Seeing the transgression of the phones development has helped resolve many issues that carry over from generation to generation. We are continuously looking for new repair techniques and equipment to make our services better. The Apple iPhone 5s is no different. We offer full repair services for the iPhone 5s including motherboard repair.

iPhone 5s Repair Service

Services we Offer:

  • Front Glass Replacement – We fix almost all types of Front Glass / Digitizer damage from severe to minor. This is generally the top layer of your phone.
  • LCD Replacement – Built into the Digitizer and Front Glass the LCD is the visual part of the screen and the layer underneath the touch panel.
  • Dock Replacement – We can replace worn or damaged dock connectors on any model iPhone.
  • Top Power Button Repair – When the power button stops working your phone may need an new cable assembly. We have performed thousand of these repairs.
  • Battery Replacements – Our battery replacement service is fast. You can be out in under 30 minutes for a standard battery replacement.
  • Headphone Jack Repair – One side of your headphones out? We can repair that issue for you.
  • Water Damage Repair – Repair Sharks has been working on water damaged devices for many years. We have repaired everything from iPods to Macbooks.
  • Data Backup and Recovery – We can help backup your data off your phone. Many times we need to repair the phone first in order to recover data if the phone has been previously damaged. Although never guaranteed we can recover some instances of data loss as well.
  • Frame Replacement and Repair – Our skilled technicians have worked magic with some bent frames. We can always let you know if we can repair it for you or recommend a replacement, either way we can get you operational again.
  • Color Conversions – Some of the people looking for a more unique phone can opt for a color conversion. There are a lot of options for color conversions. We have performed a few thousand of them over the years and have had some great companies rocking our designs such as;  Nickelodeon, Boardwalk Empire, NY Mets, NY Islanders, Newsday, North Shore LIJ, Jamaica Ash, MTA, NCPD, MLFD.

What is a Digitizer?

Quite simply, the Digitizer is the iPhone’s Touch Sensor and should be replaced during a cracked glass or LCD replacement.

Why Repair Sharks?

Repair Sharks has been in the business of fixing iPhones for over 8 years. Our experienced technicians can resolve most hardware issues you might be having. Our reputation speaks for itself and we have been recognized as one of the best iPhone repair centers in the world!


Now we are repairing the iPhone 6. Can you believe it? Phones are delicate and accidents will always happen!

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Thank you very much for fixing my daughters iPhone screen. She is very happy now! It looks great.

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