iPhone 4 Repair Video by Repair Sharks

We just released a short repair video for the Apple iPhone 4. It should help anyone looking to make a self-repair (although we highly recommend professional repair service due to the complexity). The video gives an overview of the steps needed to remove the iPhone 4 back casing, internal screws, logic board, vibrate control, dock connector, Front Glass, LCD, and Frame.

Always purchase quality parts for these repairs. All parts and repair services aren’t created equal.  We regularly receive 3rd party parts from our customers who couldn’t complete the repair. These parts are usually always of lesser quality than our shop. It does make a big difference especially when it takes about an hour to complete this repair properly. The only way to test these parts are after complete reassembly.

by Daniel Cieslak

One thought on “iPhone 4 Repair Video by Repair Sharks

  1. Greg says:

    Hey guys, after reading your post and looking at your video I want to compliment you on a few specific things. I say this as an owner of an independent iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 repair business in Perth in Australia, so I know what I’m talking about.

    As you mentioned, (and potential Repair Sharks customers should be aware of) is that not all iPhone parts and repair services are created the same. The iPhone parts market, and the iPhone 4 repair industry which it supports, is flooded with cheap screens. These aftermarket parts are simply no where near the same quality as original or OEM iPhone 4 parts. However since they are much cheaper (about half the price) many repair shops and online parts sellers offer the cheaper parts without telling the customer. However there are a few repair shops who are honest and invest in the extra cost of quality parts.

    From what the video shows, it is clear that you are using high quality parts. For example, if you pause the video at around 4:32 minutes, you can make out 3 small U shaped black “hooks” one the far side of the iPhone 4. On high quality / original parts these hooks are black, on copy parts these hooks are silver.

    This demonstrates your honesty and commitment to quality in a way that is obvious to anyone who knows what they are talking about. As someone who also cares about quality, and is one of the most experienced experts at iPhone 4 repairs in Perth, I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on this. It can be challengine to demonstrate to customers that not all iPhone parts are created the same, but it’s really important to do so in the face of competitors who have lower standards. Even though Perth is in a different country, you can check out my attempt to demonstrate this where I have created similar information on iPhone 4 repairs. Any feedback is welcome. Greg

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