Razer: Project Valerie

Thinking of the time when the first computer came into being, the overall concept of the computing world has changed to become much more efficient and fun. Every user tries to chip in his/her idea of hardware configuration in order to make the most out of their personal computers. Gaming has been one of the key factors that triggered the idea of hardware customization into computing devices.

Razer, the gaming pioneers, has added a new configuration into their gaming laptops which they are calling the Project Valerie. Let’s dig a little deeper into what our thought about the Project Valerie are.

What is Project Valerie?

The concept of laptops has always been more portability and less computing power. The concept has become stronger with the introduction of smaller chipsets by Intel. Smaller and thinner laptops are have become the new source of hype in the computing world, laptops ranging from Apple’s MacBook to Dell’s business laptops and HP’s famous laptop lines have all embraced the line of slim framed laptops.

Slim form factor is without any doubt a treat for the eye; however, there are places where it takes a hit. The biggest factor is processing power, with the shrinking of the processing units the latter has reduced to a significant amount and so has the battery capacity.

Project Valerie by Razer has tried to bring the ultimate combination between the processing speed, graphics and multiple screens. Multiple screens has become an extremely vital configuration for several power users, including that of IT experts, Software Engineers and people who want to monitor several things at the same time.

Under the Project Valerie Razer has added three screens instead of the conventional single screen. Desktop screens are normally powered by dedicated graphic units and for a laptop it may seem too intensive for the laptop to handle. However, Razer has promised to support the 17.3” Ultra High Definition Screens with the aid of the latest Nvidia Graphic Units to provide crisp quality graphics.

Razer is widely known for their incomparable gaming products including their world’s slimmest gaming laptop, the Razer Blade. It has helped changed the gaming world with the power house that the Blade is. With the Project Valerie, gaming and portability has taken another dimension and this can change how people have been looking at the both of them.

Project Valeria and Augmented Reality

With Project Valeria, the story does not end with gaming, multiple screens and portability alone. The initiative has been taken keeping the latest technologies in mind. Augmented reality is the new hype in the market, although the Valeria is still a prototype but it is capable enough to handle the latest power and graphic hungry products for instance HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

It is interesting to know that Project Valeria is not only going to change the computing world but it will also shape up in order to conform to the standard of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.