Microsoft Surface Studio

For several years’ tech giants including Dell, Lenovo and HP has far gone Microsoft when it came to building outclassed hardware that runs the Windows Operating System. Microsoft has recently joined the competition and is already leading the path for innovation and cool ideas. The company launched the Surface Pro tablet and then with their first laptop known as the Surface, which debuted back in 2015.

The story doesn’t stop here, Microsoft recently came along with the introduction of their desktop or all-in-one PC that most like to call it and they are calling it the Microsoft Surface Studio. The best thing about Microsoft is their naming convention, the Microsoft Surface Studio, actually serves as a Studio, believe me!


The Microsoft Surface Studio packs a 28-inch super sharp display panel which offers a better resolution than 4K. The actual resolution of the screen is 4500×3000 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 3:2 and has the ability to exhibit a wide color range. By this point you might considering comparing it with the iMac from Apple, but let me stop you right there, unlike the iMac, the Microsoft Surface Studio offer a 10 point multi-touch display, which means that you can make the most of the Windows 10 operating system that runs on top of the hardware. Users also have the option to use to the Surface Pen, so that the all the artists can have the taste of powerful computing and ergonomics.

The most innovative thing that Microsoft has added into the Microsoft Surface Studio is the surface dial. The surface dial is a cylindrical knob input device that connects to the Studio wirelessly. The dial inputs different commands based on the rotation and pressure sensitivity. The downside however is that it is not compatible with several applications including the Adobe suite which we believe is the biggest use of the gadget.


Design is most unique factor in the existence of Microsoft Surface Studio. The 28 inch screen has a zero gravity hinge that moves the display from an uptight position all the way down into Studio Mode with one hand and offers as low as 20 degrees of resting stance that actually feels like the display is hugging the desk, making it extremely comfortable for users and more specifically designers and artists.


Microsoft Surface Studio consists of two CPU configurations, we are going to talk about the high-end configuration which is the Core i7-6820HQ processor spinning at 2.7 GHz.  It offers 32GB of memory which can provide flawless multi-tasking capabilities coupled with Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit operating system. The storage space of the Studio is 2TB of HDD and a 128GB SSD.

As long as the display is concerned, the studio comes integrated with 4 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M, which according to many should have been more and instead of the mobility graphic card it should have been a desktop graphic card which is power powerful, comparatively.


Pricing is one of downsides here, as the Surface Studio retails for $4,199. Moreover, this price doesn’t include the Surface Pen or the Surface Dial, the dial alone costs $99 which is a serious turn off for most of the users. All in all, the surface studio is amazing for people who want to get the best experience and don’t mind paying more in order to achieve that.