LG G7 – A Detailed Overview

LG G7 - A Detailed Overview

May 12, 2018 LG finally announced their flagship phone, the LG G7 which was rumored for a release early 2018 but here we are in mid-2018. The tech giant has come up with an amazing phone with some key features that will make the phone shine against its competitors.

LG G7 – Display

The G7 comes with a 6.1 inch display with a small bezel at the top and the bottom. The edges  are curved to give it that trendy and modern look. There is a notch at the top which is inspired by the iPhone X and is one of the divisive things about the phone. The notch at the top doesn’t make sense. Some phones make use of the bezel, like the iPhone X where there is no bezel around the screen of the phone. In this LG G7, there is a bezel at the bottom which voids the reason for having a notch at the top. It feels like LG put in that notch for aesthetics, but it doesn’t make justice to the phone.

Several Chinese manufacturers have added the notch at the top, but one cannot blame them because of their limitations when it comes to having a design teams. In case of LG, it is rather disappointing and they have been innovative with their phones in the past.

LG did add a software tweak by giving away an option to hide the notch with a feature in the settings. For this, the blacks should be black to away the feeling that there is no notch and it does that on-point. The screen on the LG G7 is amazing, it is a 1440 panel and is similar in quality to the Galaxy S9.

The LCD panel produces an amazing quality and it is “the” best display available on a smartphone in the market.

LG G7 – Speakers

The speaks on the G7 are one of the strongest features the phone offers. The speaker is at the bottom and it is loud, period. LG claims that it is 10 times louder than its competitors. It used a resonance chamber design to improve the bass levels. Fortunately, LG has kept the 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom so if you are an audiophile you should consider the G7.

LG G7 – Camera

The camera uses two lenses, both are 16mp with an aperture of F/1.6 and F/1.9 respectively. Of the lens is a wide angle which is phenomenal. Having a wider-angle lens on a phone is one of the features that we really appreciate.

The camera has a built-in AI feature. It analyzes the scene it is looking at then adjust the camera settings to best optimize the shot. The features works like a charm and it is fast enough to detect the object in front of the camera.

LG G7 – Performance and Overall

LG has added an extra button at the side which activates the Google Assistant. You cannot remap it but it can be disabled. Like that of Samsung’s Bixby button, but it launches the Google Assistant.

It is powered by the Snapdragon 845 and ip60 water proofing would give away a very 2018 flagship feeling. With a finger print scanner at the back and the iris scanner. The battery has a capacity of 3000mAh which isn’t big but because the screen uses 30% lesser energy than the previous phone, it should be decent.


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